CERTIFICATE SCANDAL PT 2: Ekenulo presents documents to prove Sen.Hope Uzodinma has no WASC.

The last has not been heard of the drama between Godwin Ekenulo and  Senator Hope Uzodinma .  Mr.Ekenulo has vowed to torment the distinguished Senator till he resigns and those who know the history behind their case will not be surprised. This year, their beef took another dimension when Ekenulo blew his whistle saying that Senator Uzodinma did not have a school leaving certificate to his name.

It will be recalled that Sen.Uzodinma had granted an Interview to THISDAY which was published on June 24th. His responses  raised some red flags.

When the breeze started to blow, the  Hope Uzodinma Campaingn organization issued a counter release to defend their chairman but  Ekenulo cocked his gun and fired back:

I am nze, ebubeagu ekenulo, coordinator of SAVE IMO blowing the whistle that senator hope uzodinma does not have any degree from any university in Nigeria or anywhere in the world.The press release by HUCO that senator uzodinma has a degree from washinghton international university is another lie upon lies..

POINT ONE-It was senator uzodinma himself who granted an interview to THISDAY NEWSPAPER on sunday,june 24,2012 page 95-96 and told the whole world that he has a masters degree from Washington university st.louis,missouri,united states and HND from FUTO owerri,imo state Nigeria and school cert from government college etche,rivers state.

POINT TWO-It was senator uzodinma himself who said in his Facebook profile and official website that he has degrees from different universities..But now,his facebook profile and official website have been deleted of these claims in the heat of this scandal without him knowing that internet keep records.

POINT THREE-Senator uzodinma is heavily indebted to some banks running into billions and these debts were fraudulently obtained.He is indicted over bank debt and am in court with him on this over an pre-election matter in suit no.FCT/HC/4233/2011 which was dismissed and i went on appeal.let me emphasize this matter will be dragged to supreme court if need be.

POINT FOUR-Senator uzodinma does not have school cert from government college rivers state..I know the secondary school he filed in INEC FORM-C.F.OO1 and CODE-PDOO3/NA/2010 as mgbidi secondary school 1978-1982 and did not even attach any certificate from this said school..This itself is questionable and will be questioned..It may be interesting to reveal here that senator uzodinma contested governorship election in 2003 under AD and in forms he submitted to INEC and AD then he claimed he has degrees and even attached fake certificates..On the strength of the above i am insisting senator uzodinma must resign from the senate.

Thank you..Nze,Ebubeagu Ekenulo 

Months down the line, Ekenulo has come forward with documents to prove that the distinguished Senator representing Imo West Senatorial District  does not have his West African School Certificate.



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