Chief Ikedi Ohakim has a lot to be remembered for. – Obinna Akuwudike

Even though we tend to have a short memory and lie to ourselves when we hate someone, Ikiri, despite battling Ararume and Agbaso among others in court still procured the green Logan taxi cars, the green mini-buses, the green big buses, keke, the defunct Kim Kim, refuse disposal vehicles and units, Toyota Corolla taxis via ITC, dualized Egbu road to a standard road, commenced work on Orji road making it even motorable today, started construction of the Orji and Akwakuma flyovers which would have immensely elevated the traffic problems we are facing now if finished.

So many rural roads, paid civil servants as at when due, restored sanity to driving in Owerri roads,maintained cleanliness, installed traffic lights among others. Yes, he had a bad mouth, yes, he had bad advisers, yes, the Reverend Father issue was not well handled and used as the nailing of his political casket but the man did work.

I and many others always said the man Ikiri or Chief Ikedi Ohakim never planned to be governor. We believed he came for settlement and luck shined on him so we believed he had no plan but in the end, he seemed to have a plan afterall. Despite his shortfallings, he is still a man who encouraged enterprise, a man who encouraged you to grow by providing the facilities for it. What about the rural loans of N20,000 he gave which I doubt have been repaid by recipients?

On the other hand our dear Owelle is towing another path in his almost 2 years in office. He started with the N5million each gates then cut off the citizens from their governor by building fences and fortresses at the government house to keep the common you and I out.  Something those “bad” former leaders didnt do.

The only court cases he has faced are the local government councilmen and 10000 jobs but poor law suits from poor people yet the only laudable work I have seen is the township school buildings. The news halls he had been building for occasions are definitely meant for the rich who can afford to pay and not common you and I.

 Instead of fostering growth, jobs and enterprise, I see a government that delights in causing suffering on its people,the 10000 youths are and example, those at west end sacked from their homes are another etc. why is this government more interested in destroying rather than building. Go along wethderal road and see red marks and remove signs on walls, all those walls cost money and people spent money building them, why most they be destroyed?

I am yet to commend you for something my dear governor, Ikiri so far has things to be remembered by.

Obinna Akuwudike



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