COMMENT: Gov.Rochas, If Owerri people dont need development, please take it to Mbaise!

Bikonu, Whoever knows Gov Rochas or his Deupty, Sir Agbaso, should tell them to look else where to erect the 25 storey building projet. Even when the Isrealites refused the gospel of Jesus Christ, IT WASN’T SHOVED DOWN their throat; rather, the gospel was even better brought to us the gentiles and hasn’t that been a blessing to us and aided the dissemination of the good news? So, the same principle can be applied to this issue of Ignorant Owerri Nchi Ise people who have flagrantly depicted their unequivocal aversion to development.

Gov. Please in name of Jesus Christ, who has enthroned you as our leader, leave those people alone and take that PROJECT elsewhere, preferably MBAISE, so that development can spread to all the nookes and crannies of the state.


Shoving this project down their throat when they have conspicuously detested it will only yield negative results such as vandalisation and disruption of project execution, hence, negating the economic targets of this project.


Gov. Rochas if the people of Owerri Nchi Isi don’t need the development, please please please take the PROJECT to MBAISE. After all, our mega project, IMSU, was shifted to Ideato, and I am still in full support of that shift. However, I think this PROJECT should be used to pacify the people of Mbaise.



Biko Gov. Listen to this wise counsel. Relinquishing this project to another site doesn’t translate to weakness; rather, it will vindicate your strength of wisdom and of sound judgment as a LEADER.


 – Austin Chukwuma Onuoha




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