COMMENT: Response to E-learning programme in Imo State.

  RE: – EDUCATION: E-learning programme flagged off in Imo State.



“Excellent intention! Is this a pilot programme for testing the waters or the big thing? There is no reason to rush into it. I hope proper analysis was made before implementation meaning that constant power supply is ensured for computer usage. In addition, required training is given to instructors/teachers and that the curriculum is updated statewide in view of educational realities and employment potentials of the immediate economic/knowledge environment.


If this is a pilot, when will the programme be rolled out in other schools? What is the criteria for roll out school selection in the same local government and across local governments in the state? Any consideration for difference between urban and extra-urban schools? What happens where school(s) do not have resident power supply? Is there adequate security provided in the plan? How much does each school implementation/maintenance cost?



It is not sufficient to give us summarised position of government on policy. Citizens need detailed documentation that show processes, patterns, milestones and risk. These investments are not favours, they are citizens’ rights albeit denied for too long. Citizens must know details of government decisions and public spending.



Those who do not like my questions will grunt, but the chicken will come to roost when promises become cheap publicity stunts and then praise singers will turn to despicable regrets. “



Comment submitted by: ONYENWERE OKWUKWE

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