COMMENT: Without any iota of doubt, Imo State is working!

Without any iota of doubt, “Imo is working”.

The State, I must repeat again, is like one huge construction site, with all manners of road and public building works, simultaneously going on. I am made to understand that the speed and frequency of the construction works is due to a radical change in contract practice, whereby you get paid for works done with little or no ‘upfront mobilization’ payments.¬†With regards to infrastructural development, thumbs up, Mr. Governor.

My worry with the Okorocha administration however is with his novel “4th tier of Government” for which elections have been scheduled for 9th April 2012. Elections are yet to be organized into the constitutionally recognized 3rd tier of government (the Local Government Councils) and yet the government is making provisions for a tier of government of doubtful constitutional veracity. Would it not have been better to strengthen the known than to create a new tier whose operational modalities is not only untested but is bereft of any legal foundations.

By: Eze Eluchie



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