COMMUNITY REPORT: The Bloodshed in Ubahazu Amiri, Oru East Local Government

It was a day of rage in Ubahazu Amiri Oru in Oru East Local Government of Imo State, where the irate youth, and the old   women damned every consequence to get at those that had desecrated their soil with the blood of an innocent in-law, late Mr. Ifeanyi Onyeobiari.


Late Ifeanyi (RIP)

According to Community Speaker of the Ubahazu Amiri Oru, Mr. Obioha Odyssey and the Transition Chairman of Oru East Local Government Area, Sir Igboanusi Callistus Udennaka, late Ifeanyi Onyeobiari came from a neighbouring village to mourn with his in-laws during a wake keep of one of their sons little did poor Onyeobiari know that he was being awaited by cruel fate.

Amid the observance of the funeral session at his in-laws place as the night was fast falling, the father of one decided to leave for his home. It was narrated that Ifeanyi was ambushed by dare devil urchins that had been terrorizing the entire village. Further investigation revealed that when confronted by the blood thirsty gang initially, the patrolling team of Army officers of Imo Rescue Community Policing intervened and after much interrogation found out that, he was innocent and pleaded with the gang to untie him and let him go. Further checks from the villagers revealed that  Mr. Ifeanyi had done nothing wrong and was never known to be a trouble maker neither was he known to be a man of double hands.

No sooner had the soldiers left and the young Ifeanyi continued his journey home that the same alleged gang double-crossed him and hacked him down in cold blood. Ifeanyi’s wife turned widow had waited for her husband for a whole day but Ifeanyi was no where to be found. And since her husband was never known for keeping away from home except he had travelled, she raised alarm.

 The joint Military-Police task force of Rescue Mission Community policing with the Local Government Authority headed by the Transition Chairman, Hon. Sir Igboanusi Callistus Udennaka after two days of thorough search and investigation lo and behold, Ifeanyi had been clubbed and butchered to death. And his mangled mutilated body was found buried in a very shallow grave not enough to even bury a puppy. At the grave in the forest of Ubahazu Amari Oru prepared for the restless soul of Ifeanyi by his killers are still shreds of the red clothe he wore to his in-laws village with traces of his decaying spilled blood. The exhumed remains of late Ifeanyi had been taken to the Mortuary while investigation is still on.


Ifeanyi’s death enraged the community as they rose against his alleged assailants. Houses of the suspected killers were touched as some of them were arrested and are cooling off in the police custody waiting for further investigation while one of them alleged the sponsor of the evil mission is still at large.

For the reason Ifeanyi was cut down, it is still vague as the villages cannot certainly place why he was murdered. It was being suspected that he may have been killed for ritual purposes. Both the epilogue and the prologue of Ifeanyi’s story is still largely vague until the reason is uncovered by the detectives.

Meanwhile, Chief of Staff to Imo State Governor, Prince Eze Madumere accompanied by the Army Commander and the Deputy Commissioner of Police, Operations, who responded rapidly when the incidence was reported described the dastardly act as wicked and crime of hate.

The Chief of Staff who shed tears at the scene of incidence averred that Government will stop at nothing to bring the murderers of Ifeanyi to justice.


He commended the Army-Police Joint team for their timely response to arrest the situation and arrested some of the suspects. He further said that the Governor who had called from abroad had asked that everything humanly possible be done to arrest those linked to the evil act and be brought to book. Speaking to the Traditional Ruler of the Community, HRH Eze Donald Nwabue, Igwe III of Amari Oru Community, who is supposedly the Chief Security Officer to his Community, the Chief of Staff, Prince Eze Madumere advised that the community should not wait until such people of questionable character wreak havoc in their place before they are reported and handled. He explained that Community policing is the best because every body knows every body and did not see the reason such crime ought not to have been prevented before it happens.

At the home of the deceased where he met with the family, he admonished them to take heart while assuring them of Government’s resolve to do what it can to make the burden lighter.

 And for the widow, Mrs. Vivian Onyeobiarari, he encouraged her to console herself as she was not alone in the mourning.


Madam, we understand what you are going through. You are not alone in this. We share in this callous ending of a young vibrant life by the never do wells. This is Governor’s visit and that is why you could see who is who and the Security Chiefs all gathered in your home.

It is just to show you how we are pained by this bloody crime committed against an innocent Imo son and that we honestly care for everyone irrespective of where you come from. We assure you that the Government shall do everything within its powers to bring every single person involved to justice. We shall be here again”  he enthused.


Among the suspects already in police net are, Chief George Nneji, Ethelbert Idu, the alleged henchman of the group, Chief Christian Chukwu, the alleged sponsor of the parallel group and one other suspect.


Uche Onwuchekwa

Media Assistant to the Chief of Staff

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