Convinced that Gov.Rochas Okorocha is using satanic manipulations on Imo people??

“I am now convinced that Rochas is using satanic manipulations on Imo people and Igbos in general. There is nothing this man does that you guys do not defend. He has mortgaged the future of Imoists by getting a loan from an Islamic bank using all the hospitals in Imo as guarantor, it is an Islamist that is currently in charge of medics in Imo state and yet no one is talking. Igbos are being slaughtered in the North and yet he goes to them and tell the world that it is being exaggerated and that no Igbo is being killed, and yet nothing from you guys.

Mr Oji onu egbu orji that he is, other states are paying corpers handsomely,whereas here in Imo state no dime for corpers. Yet no one is talking. He recently hosted an Islamic conference in Owerri and yet no one is talking. Is it when this man sells all of you in the state that you will wake up?

The only person you all rise up to bash with vigor is TA Orji no matter what he does, good or bad. But Saint Rochas is sacred. By the time St Rochas whose only ambition is to be president by any means necessary including selling you all to Awusa is done with you blind defenders, you will call mmiri momo.”

– Chukwujike Igwe



Just like Onyema Uche asked on our online community page, is there any truth in this? Or are they mechanisms of Ohakim to smear and discredit a charistmatic governor?

We need answers now before it is late. Let the supporters of Governor Okorocha step forward and say what they know about this allegation.



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