Copy of Prince Eze Madumere’s speech at the Reception held in his honour. Touching!!

We just had to share this!!!  Hopefully, Prince Eze Madumere’s story will  serve as an inspiration to all.  Please read…


To God alone be all the glory!


I have sought nothing else from my God than requesting the blessing of wisdom and a gift of resources to foster the cause of hope for humanity and ultimately service to God the creator; I have asked God to use me as an agent of peace and an apostle of positive change to my world, our world.


Standing before you is a product of humility, loyalty, patience and perseverance. You sent me to go andlearn a trade. People had wondered what could come out of that trade. For almost twenty-years, most of you kept wondering what the heck was this guy still doing? I was only taking worthy lessons of life and survival. I am a living testimony that obedience, loyalty, patience and perseverance well meant are virtue. My life story belongs to the youth of today.


We miss our goals in life because we are in a hurry. If you don’t go through it, what story have you got to tell? I call on the youth of today to follow the path of honour. Stooping to learn will not only sustain you but make you victorious. Here I am today, the Chief of Staff to the Governor of Imo State. I say this here in Orie Mbieri to admonish you to learn from me and you will never regret it. I only want you to be greater people of tomorrow.


True, a tree cannot make a forest is a maxim acceptable by many. For me, that unprogressive tree isanunu ebe that abhors all relationship with other trees and other creatures, even the birds. For us, there are productive trees that will always open their arms, embrace others, branch out, bear fruits with theirseeds, which are taken to places through the agents of dissemination of good seeds and before you know it, if not a forest, a garden of love emerges. That is the story of my life. And today I am not for long speeches but to observe and tell my people what love, unity of purpose, patience and perseverance can do.



Umu nne m, this affectionate love you have shown to me today is such that I cannot sum up sum. Where else would my strength come from if not first from my cradle? Where else would my preachment of love come from without a reference from my people? Where would people go to find out about Prince Eze Madumere without first confronting his brothers? Mbieri nwe m, today, no psychologist can fathom the depth and the volume of my happiness which I draw from this gathering of brethren.



Ndi Eze nwe m, I find it difficult to do a derivation of a greeting formula that befits your great work of peace and your candour towards your own. This is an honour I will always live to cherish. Accept my unreserved warmest regards and the same goes to the great people of Mbieri for this oneness that you have shown even in this recognition. Thank you, thank you and thank you.


When this effort by my people to do me this honour came up, as you all know, I retorted in my meticulous manner not that I do not enjoy the fellowship of my people but that invitation which has culminated in this glitzy and thrilling warm reception, in all fairness sounded to me a call for a greater responsibility.




While still steeped in the ecstasy of this trumpet blowing by umunne m on your son today, let me also blow your trumpet. Mbieri historically has proven an indispensable producer of great human resource requisite for the development of any society. You are admired by many for your ingenious mastery in enterprise. You have been extolled by many for your resilience and above all your independence. Mbieri sons and daughters are envied for their patience and grandstanding intellectual agility.



In spite of all these efforts of our people with all their academic feats in our society today, Mbieri has remained backward. I say to you today, that; that spirit of etoghi eto in us, holy ghost….’Fire!’

That is the only message I have brought home. A child might be growing without developing. That is why Ndigbo na asi, ogologo abughi na nwa m etola. Thus, we may have the whole money in this world, drive in the best of cars and yet we all still pass through that rough road. We also still swim in all the ponds caused by gullies and pot holes. And we still fight each other every now and then. That is the unpardonable deception of the highest order.



Today, my message goes forth; let the war mongers become emissaries of peace; let the cannon fodders become the crusaders of progress; let those who had previously held sway in dividing our people convert to unifiers for divided we fall and united we stand.  Coming together is a great strength. Working as a team filters our vision. And our expectation will always be devoid of blemish. And that is the spirit of Rescue mission.



My people, I am sure that you are expecting a comment from me on the achievements of Owelle Rochas Anayo Ethelbert Okorocha led Rescue Mission Government for which I believe that you are a part. Our Government policy thrust is simply for the people – my people… my people… my people. In about just ten months we took over the steering of the affairs of Imo State through the decision of our people, the Rescue Mission Government led by His Excellency has done concrete things virtually in every sector and they are there for anyone to see including Mbieri.



That people driven policy is the off shoot of the revolution in infrastructural development, in educationand every sector of our sociopolitical and economic life, which cut across as no part of this State is left behind. Any sincere mind would rightly raise the hand of our God sent Governor, Owelle Rochas Okorocha. I hereby leave you in your purity of heart to pass your judgment and subsequently draw yourassessments. For me, it is Res Ipsa Loquitur – the fact speaks for itself.



Biko, in all humility, Ndi Mbieri, lekwa onye unu kporonyere m, His Excellency, Owelle Rochas Okorocha OON, O ga m biko lekwa ndi gi ndi Mbieri.


Ogwula m nolu!


Ka Chineke nara otuto!!!



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