DEMOLITIONS: IMSG replies Nigeria Bar Association, Owerri Branch


So on Wednesday,  officers of the Nigeria Bar Association (NBA) Owerri branch, were guests in one of the Radio Stations in the state  to discuss a topic the organizers called“demolition programme” in Imo.

Read the response from Governor Rochas Okorocha’s  Chief Press Secretary to Governor Okorocha, Sam Onwuemaedo:

On Wednesday June 29, 2016 the officers of the Nigeria Bar Association (NBA) Owerri branch, appeared on a programme of one of the Radio Stations in the state on a topic the organizers called“demolition programme” in the state and the learned gentlemen gave the impression that the governor or the government has been pulling down buildings along the roads where expansion or construction works are going on at the moment.

At this point, it is very important to let Imo people know that the governor has not embarked on any programme called demolition.

Rather, in his desire to make the state capital a befitting city we all can be proud of, the governor decided to expand some of the major roads in Owerri. And a venture of that nature cannot be christened“demolition programme”.

And at the moment, the roads affected are MCC/Uratta road, Orlu/Amakohia road, Mbari Street and Imo State University road. In the course of this expansion works there is no doubt that some structures would obviously be touched.

Meanwhile, structures mostly affected for now are fences, kiosks and shanties, built very close to the roads. No major building has been demolished along MCC/Uratta road, Orlu/Amakohia road, IMSU road and Mbari Street.

We challenge the NBA leaders to publish the demolished buildings they had talked about on the programme with their addresses for Imo people to see them. Let them publish the list of the buildings, their locations or addresses.

However, if in the course of the expansion works going on, on the mentioned roads and any building needs to be touched, the necessary action will be taken. And with the nature of works going on, any building affected at the end of the day, would have some explanations to be made about it by the owner because there are specifications for building houses along a major road.

The NBA leaders specifically mentioned the Lamonde Guest House along Orlu/Amakohia road. The guest house is located several poles off the main road that, even if it is made twelve lanes, it won’t touch it.

It is very disturbing that the NBA officers could not even mention one advantage inherent in the expansion works on these roads. What the governor is doing is in the overall interest of Imo people. It is not a personal thing. And it is not meant to hurt anybody.

The governor once again appeals for understanding on the part of those whose structures have been touched. They should not allow those who do not see anything good in whatever the government is doing to give them the wrong impression about the whole exercise.

Sam Onwuemeodo

Chief Press Secretary to the Governor



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