As IMSUTH Doctors call off strike, Doctors insist on Health Commissioner’s sack.

Just thought it would be nice to mention that Doctors at the Imo State University Teaching Hospital, Orlu have called off their strike. They called off their strike on Monday. According to our source, the strike was called off ONLY because of the number of  death casualties being recorded daily.

Hopefully, the Honourable Commissioner for Health will work out a better way to dialogue with Doctors at the Teaching hospital in a more professional manner. His response “Owelle will explain better” which was made in reaction to a question seeking clarification on the Governor’s Health Policies was totally unprofessional.

According to our source, Governor Okorocha needs to look beyond personal ties and appoint seasoned professionals who can explain his policies at any time. The Health Commissioner by that shameful utterance single handedly made a mockery of the Governor who entrusted him with the Ministry for Health. He should be replaced with some who is more competent. 

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