DRAMA: Details from Iri ji Mbaise festival

okorocha iri ji mbaise

His Excellency, Owelle Rochas Okorocha suprised those who thought he would boycott the iri ji mbaise festival after what transpired at oru owerre recently. He stormed the Chioma Ajunwa stadium in Ahiazu Mbaise amidst cheers from his supporters to celebrate with sons and daughters of the land.

The event  according to our sources went very well but,  it was not without drama.

Here’s an eye-witness report from Obasi Peter Chidi: 

535906_421786817907006_646963639_n I solemnly aver that the festival turned into a political rally. Rt. Hon. Ihedioha started the verbal war when he told Owelle that he, Owelle has very few time to hand over power to Owerri zone. He said this when he was asked to present Kola nut to the Governor.

Upon receiving the ”kola, Owelle replied by stating that cap shall not rule Imo State”, and that anyone who wants to be Imo governor should show his face. At the closing part of the festival, the political rally (instead of Iri Ji festival) took a rather embarrassing dimension as Ihedioha queried what the governor has done for Mbaise people. It was at the turn of the governor that he began recounting what the administration has done for Mbaise people, begining with the Ground Breaking ceremony for Imsu faculty of Agric. Vert. Science. …and the rest continues.

The turning off of the public address system (microphone) did not save the opposition as a replacement was made so that Owelle could conclude his speech. The physical fight amongst the supporters is an area i wouldn`t have liked to mention because it showed the youths as thugs……”


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