EDUCATION: Okorocha receives 2014 Governor of the year Award from IMSU students.


Students of the Imo state University, Owerri, Friday stormed Government House, Owerri, in solidarity with Governor Rochas Okorocha for giving them free education which he has sustained since he came in as governor, adding that the free education has worked effectively well contrary to the wrong impression the opponents of the government have been giving about the free education in the state.

The students who had come in their thousands and took every space in and around the Government House had sung solidarity songs in honour of the governor, while presidents of all the student bodies of all the faculties spoke one after the other to commend the governor for coming up with the free education policy.

Each of the student leaders who spoke had told the interesting story of how they never believed that free education could be possible at the University level in the state, at the initial stage considering the high number of students enrollment from the state, but that they began to have implicit confidence in the system when it worked for a year, and since then, it has remained a success story.


Chairman of the conference of the presidents of the student unions of all the faculties, Comrade Kelechi Onyeakazi said they decided to have the solidarity visit through the faculties to ensure testimonies from students from the faculties who have been direct beneficiaries of the free education.

The students also thanked the governor for the new structures he has erected in the University and for ensuring that the university has not experienced any strike since her assumed office following the increase in the subvention of the university that has guaranteed regular payment of salaries and gratuities.

Again, they equally eulogized the governor for making the University Internet compliant, and for ensuring the upgrading and accreditation of their faculties, adding that the best that can happen to them would be the governor coming back to serve a second term.

The students also honoured the governor by giving him an award as the best Governor of the year for his services and compassion for humanity and for being students friendly; and moreover for giving them free education that has worked more than expected.

Addressing the students, Governor Okorocha said he felt fulfilled seeing the students coming in their thousands to appreciate for all his administration has done at IMSU and for the free education policy of his administration, adding that it was God and not him who made the free education possible to the extent of working better than some people had expected.

The governor also used that opportunity to give the students account of his stewardship as their governor, listing most of his achievements which the students echoed with solidarity songs at intervals, assuring the students that his next four years if he comes back as governor would witness the massive industrialization of the state aimed at giving a deadly blow to poverty and unemployment in the state.The governor directed that the students be given one laptop each which excited them and he began the distribution of the laptops himself.


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