Effective Sept 5th, Taxis to replace Keke operations in Owerri

In line with the Urban Renewal agenda of the Imo state government, , Keke Operators in the state will cease to operate in designated areas in Owerri, the State Capital as from Tuesday, September 5, 2017. Operations will be restricted to designated areas around the Owerri metropolis.   Only taxis will now be operating in the Capital City.

On Wednesday, the governor shared about 2000 pieces of Passat Wagon Cars to the Keke Operators   to enable them comply with the directive. Balloting was conducted at the Hero’s Square for the beneficiaries to emerge.

The second batch beneficiaries will get theirs in October while the third batch will have their own in December 2017. Going forward, Keke Operators would no longer be expected to operate along the major roads of Douglas, Wetheral, Bank Road, Orlu Road and other designated roads.



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