Imo State Election Abracadabra!!

One of the Candidates I had my eyes on during the House of Assembly elections was Mr. Ambrose Obinna Egu.  Considering he had little or no experience in Politics, a  lot of controversies surrounded his Candidacy. I kept asking myself -why-? Afterall, I have known him to be smart and focussed. I had an opportunity to meet him a few years back in Owerri so it was only natural for me to get excited at the news of his emergence as the PDP flagbearer for the Ngor Okpala Constituency.

After several attempts to reach him,  I finally got through. Since I only had  FOUR grassroot (basic) questions, I was hoping to get spontaneous responses but Mr.Egu advised me to submit and he would respond at a more convenient time. I was confused.  These are simple questions any serious candidate can answer even while taking a Shower…so why the Protocol?

I went ahead and submitted these four questions below:

1): Why are you interested in the legislative arm of Government…. what informed your interest to delve into Politics?

2) What are the areas that you would like to improve in your Constituency if you are elected to the Office?.

3) Why should your Constituents  entrust you to represent them at the House of Assembly considering you have little or no experience in Politics?

4) Lastly, in a recent interview, you indicated your intentions to focus on Child, Youth, Women and Enviroment friendly legislations as well as devote resources to empowerment of the less priviledged. One area close to my heart being a Mother is the alarming High rate of Maternity and Infant mortality. What are some of the Propositions the people of Ngor Okpala can expect from you in addressing this issue if given an opportunity to represent them at the State House of Assembly?

If you were looking to read Mr.Egu’s responses to the questions above, sorry to burst your bubble because those answers never came.  He must have been really busy so I excused him. I was busy as well. As a matter of fact, I had my oyokometer (binoculars) focussed on  the Ohakim Vs Okorocha Boxing match so I really didnt have much time on my hands anyway.

So, fast forward to election day. APGA claims the Constituency defeating PDP with a landslide margin.

How manage? When you have a Heavy duty machinery backing you, how can you loose an election? Mba nu! The mystery must be unravelled.

Since no one in his camp was willing to give me a low down, I decided to speak with an  Ngor-Okpalite resident in Owerri to find out what exactly went down. How can you tell me dat na APGA won without a candidate? Mba nu! Or, are we now voting for Ghosts ?

Anyway, so here is what the anonymous constituent had to say:

“Why are you surprised that he lost? First of all, he was imposed by Gov.Ohakim.  They  held a mock-election and  Egu led with only a few points which was manipulated so that he could beat the incumbent, Bede Eke. HE was imposed by Gov. Ikedi Ohakim and his father inlaw, Lemmy Akakeem. Where do I start? From his arrogance to empty Political background. I have never known Obinna Egu to be a Smart guy, he is constantly drinking and acting a fool. Has he stopped smoking his Indian Hemp?Maybe you should find out about that first before asking why Ngor Okpala did not vote for him. These people get into position with lack of qualification, these are just owerri boys from popular families. He entered the election just because of  his father inlaw – Lemmy Akakeem.

His auntie, late Maria Egu was a  well known Politician.  What does he know to write in the House of Assembly other than write about his favorite beer?.How can he be a role model to the community when he cheats on his wife and beats her like there is no tomorrow?. At one point, the wife left him and went to London, became available and started dating other men. Then when it dawned on him that he was about loosing a good wife, he sat up. Nobody denied him a vote, he was just not considered as a serious Candidate . The only thing that is going for him is that he is from a very popular family and he married an Akakeem.”

anonymous (name witheld for security reasons)

On this note, I will be signing off here. I  hereby wash my hands off this blog and head back to my Mango tree. I wish Mr. Ambrose Obinna Egu an abracadabra free political career from now on. Any enemies of your progress, HOLY GHOST FAYA! May you never drink Panadol for PDP’s headache ever again.

Meanwhile, please keep those 4 questions handy. I shall be re-presenting them to you in 2015. That will eliminate any opportunities for your Constituents to answer for you. Shalom!

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