Excerpts from Governor Okorocha’s speech at the APC National convention


As we all know, Governor Okorocha had joined the presidential race under the platform of the All Progressive congress party. Here’s an excerpt of his speech at the convention.

“I am very happy to be part of this history making event. We are the last hope of Nigeria and today we must get it right. We formed APC believing that coming from our small parties, we stand a chance. We are here gathered for the love of our nation. We are here to provide for nigeria the much needed dividends of democracy.

There is nothing wrong with the Head of State, but there can be something wrong with the State of the head. I celebrate General Muhammadu Buhari who is today 73 years old, and Atiku is today 68 years old and Kwankwaso who is 52 years old. Jonathan is 57, Barack Obama 53, Rochas Okorocha is only 52 years old.

Nigeria of today is different than Nigeria of 1960s. I am here to sing a different song, that of unity. We are here to give Nigeria a good cheque; a good leader. I offer myself to offer service as the president of Nigeria. Political power can only be justified when use for the good of the common man. “My people, my people” When I say to Nigerians, I will make education free, Nigerians will believe me, because I have done it before. I am a child of poor parentage, I hate poverty and what it brings. Today destiny has brought to your shoulder to change the fate of this nation, you must do it well, not on the basis of sentiment. Vote for me and I assure you that the Nigerian Naira will be equal to the dollar. My people My people.”



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