EXCLUSIVE DOCUMENTS: Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu exposed over $116,000 outstanding wages.

A few months ago in March, Imostateblog.com received an email from a certain Engr. Vicky Gacrama asking us to assist in contacting Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu over his outstanding payments. Gacrama introduced himself as a native of Philippines.  He  was employed as Chief Engineer in the now defunct Oriental Airlines owned by Chief Iwuanyanwu. Not sure what to make of his email, we pressed for details to validate his claim.


From the correspondence seen below, Gacrama is owed  approximately $116,000 U.S Dollars (one hundred sixteen thousand US dollars). According to him, it covers the equivalent of his last 7 months salary he worked for Oriental Airlines and, the reimbursement of his  plane tickets to and fro every six months from July 1993  up to the year his services were terminated.





We further requested for official documents which he provided below.    At our discretion, we held off on publishing this story to enable us sufficient time in reaching the other party.  From March till today May 24th, calls placed to Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu’s “office” by  Imostateblog.com are yet to be returned.

$116,000 is a lot of money in today’s Economy but, a labourer is worthy of his/her wage.  How this employee was tricked to go and repair an aircraft in South Africa only to be abandoned by the  so called “friend of Chief Iwuanyanwu” is mind boggling.  These are the kind of things that give foreigners the wrong impression about Nigerians. Mr.Gacrama is back to Philippines and  has lost all hope in reaching Chief Iwuanyanwu.

A few weeks back, he posted the following message on our Facebook page.(Facebook.com/ImoStateblog)

Employment Letter

Contractual Agreement

In one of our correspondences, he disclosed that  Dr. Ray Megwa the former Managing Director  had once shown him a letter regarding Chief Iwuanyanwu’s intention to pay.  Suddenly,  they cut off communication with him.

 We can only do so much on our end by helping to bring this matter to the Court of public opinion. Do we have any legal professionals who can advice Engr. Gacrama on ways to pursue this matter in the Court of Law? What are the statutes of  limitations? What does he do next?

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