EXCLUSIVE: RT.Hon Benjamin Uwajumogu speaks on "100 days" Milestone

Speaker of the Imo State House of Assembly, Rt.Hon Benjamin Uwajumogu has proved himself to be one Politician determined to make a difference in Imo State.

Following his elected speakership on June 7th, 2011, Rt. Hon. Uwajumogu  spoke Exclusively with IMO STATE BLOG.

In that interview, Speaker Uwajumogu urged the people of IMO to give him “Six months”  before drawing up their conclusions.

One Hundred days later, Rt.Hon. Uwajumogu has given Imo State indigenes a reason to entrust him with leadership. In an Exclusive interview with the Rt.Hon.Benjamin Uwajumogu today,  he confidently reaffirms his “Six months pledge” to the Imo people.

“Within the first six months of my Speakership, people will see that this is the most productive Imo State House of Assembly. Presently, there are Thirteen pending Bills. These Bills are all to address various Public issues including Security, Education, Orientation and Culture. We are sending Orientation back to the Ministry of Youth and Sports. We are creating a core Agency (Imo Traffic Management Agency) which would be a source of Internally generated Revenue for the State.   Our Roads are becoming congested.  The Imo Traffic Management Agency will be responsible for controlling traffic  on our Road Network all over the State.  Street Parking will also be enforced by the Agency. If a vehicle is parked wrongly on the street,  the Vehicle will be towed.  A ticketing system will also be in place to curb reckless driving in the State.”

 Over the past few months, Rt.Hon. Benjamin Uwajumogu embarked on a tour of key facilities in the State. According to Speaker Uwajumogu,  one visit  that touched him the most was  the inspection tour of the State Prisons, Owerri.

“. . . . .  my visit to the State Prisons  truly opened my eyes . For the first time I  had a direct briefing of the Prisons facility.  It painted a true picture of our Justice delivery system.  There,  I made a pledge to address the cases of those inmates awaiting trial.  A lot of them have been in prison for over 20yrs. Most of the witnesses are dead…. I met a  man who he was  incarcerated while he was in his 30’s.  Now he is  56 . You find that  the penalties of some of these inmates  if  they had been tried at the time of the alleged offences maybe anywhere from Months to a few years.  Here they are Fifteen, Twenty years later still awaiting trial.

Right now, the Imo State House of Assembly is working towards introducing a  legisltation that can create a “Mobile Court”. This would move the Courts to the Prison and help facilitate speedy trials.  In the meantime, the State Government has released Vehicles to the State Prisons to transport inmates to the Courts” – He said.

Speaking with IMO STATE BLOG on conditions of anonymity, an official of the State Prisons Owerri disclosed that the facility has become  more functional  ever since the Inspection visit by Rt.Hon Uwajumogu. He  stated that the inmates had Skill & Acquisiton workshops within the Prisons to keep them busy.  The female inmates had Hair Saloons and a Beauty Workshop, a Sewing Workshop and there was also a Technical workshop. He further disclosed that Speaker Uwajumogu made a personal donation of “. . . .  Computers, Sewing Machines and Technical equipments” to the facility after his visit in August.

At this point, we need not say more.  In any part of the world, what the people want from Governance is to have a leader with empathy.   Rt.Hon.Benjamin Uwajumogu is  indeed a leader with empathy for the people. So far, under his elected Speakership, it will not be far-fetched to say that the State House of Assembly has done very well.  However, we are still watching.

For every seating member of the  House, we pray for the wisdom of discernment to prevail in all they do.  Even when they disagree among themselves, may they continue to work with Unity in the best interest of the Imo people.

IMO STATE BLOG congratulates The Rt.Honourable Benjamin Uwajumogu on his 100 day milestone as elected Speaker of the Imo State House of Assembly.



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