EYE WITNESS REPORT: Commissioner, Chief Gerry Okoli caught off guard..

When we hear someone was caught off guard, it is typical for our minds to immediately assume its something negative. On the contrary, this is a very positive news.

A recent visitor at the Ministry of Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs left the Ministry with nothing short of encomiums for the Honourable Commissioner, Chief Gerry Okoli.

According to our source, there were  many people waiting to see the Commissioner. To their surprise, he came out of his office into the Waiting Room and spoke with each person individually addressing their concerns. Everyone left with a cheerful face.

One visitor that caught the attention of our source was a  handicapped young man who crawled into the room for an opportunity to meet with the Commissioner. As we were told, on sighting the young man, Chief Okoli immediately turned around to speak with him asking the purpose of his visit in a soft voice. He patiently listened to all the boy had to say.

Afterwards, the young man asked the Commissioner for “transport money”. To the surprise of other visitors, Chief Okoli asked his aide to bring his “Black bag” from his office…..

Few minuites later, the youngman was crawling out of the waiting room cheerfully too.

  That is just the way it should be. There should be no discrimination. Chief  Okoli perhaps did not know when our source took this photograph or that he was being observed.  Stories like this show the true nature of our Leaders. Some of them smile and pretend in public but unknown to us,  they are decayed on the  inside.  You go to see them in their office and they are barking at you for no reason. May God deliver us….

We want leaders who are accessible and show empathy to the plight of the less priviledged. We don’t need to be sent from the Presidency or Government house to be treated with respect or given attention.  Every citizen should be treated fairly!.

Thus, actions like this  are noteworthy and commendable.

 In places like America, U.K and co…how dare you ask a government official for “Transport money”? How is that their business? Laughing- out -Loud!! Another reason why we cant help but love our Country, Nigeria!

As it touched the heart of our Honourable Commissioner to show this young man kindness, may God reward him accordingly. Taking into consideration that he is handicapped and has difficulties with mobility, we also hope that the Commissioner will see to it that his purpose for paying him that visit is addressed.

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