FEEDBACK: Gov.Okorocha’s State of Imo Address.

Irrespective of your party affiliations; whether or not you love or hate Governor Owelle Rochas Okorocha, my suggestion is to keep the sentiments away and read his State address to the people of Imo State. I read it from top to bottom, and my reaction was “Whoa!” Naturally, my admiration for a good governance is beyond my own imagination.

My write-ups has always be, and will continue to be centered on good governance and accountability of stewardship. I am at peace with the God almighty to appreciate good things. I have no animosity in my heart to antagonize good deeds. I am well educated with good manners to appreciate an honest accomplishments.

After reading the speech the governor of Imo State delivered to his people on February 14, 2012, at Hero’s Square, Owerri, my blood purified itself as it runs from toe to my hair follicles. My hairs stood attention like army troops of famed Brigade of Guard, and neared tears. My conclusion is that Governor Rochas is truly a man of God. His speech identified him as a man that cares for his people. It portrayed him as a man of confidence and substance. I will not subscribe to empty criticisms of this Godly man, but I will leave it to his detractors. I honestly believe his heart is well with his people. Whether or not the resources are there to implement his programs is not for me to determine because I am not privy to the amount of Federal allocations and internally-generated funds from the State. It must be recognized that prior to becoming a governor, same man is an accomplished entrepreneur and philanthropist that had and continue to ameliorate the plights of many disadvantaged in our society  and bring them to stardom to the glorification of God Almighty.

I do not criticize or praise out of emotion, but from the deepest of my soul. After going through the governor’s speech, I came to my conclusion that Governor Rochas is truly a man of God.  He has a fear of God in him. I was filled with tears when he asked that if it pleases Imo State, and at the conclusion of the construction of Renal (Kidney) Center, he would like to name it after his father of blessed memory as a result of Kidney disease.  He was very humble to ask for a permission from the people of Imo State to name a center after his father. What a display of an executive humility? His speech was filled with Gods’ manifestations and divine blessings. The governor has the interest of Imo State at heart. Even if he lacks the resources to implement his programs, his speech is indicative of a soul of a man who truly loves God and his people. His speech showed where his heart  and souls sojourn.

It does not profit anyone to be pessimist about the affairs of Imo State under this governor. If the governor is blessed with the resources to implement his programs,  our legendary and revered Dee Sam Mbakwe could be singing Hallelujah in the heaven. The Book said that ,”By their fruits we shall know them.” The people of Imo State cannot be deceived and they know who is working for them and who is not. Even before he became governor, I did not hide my admiration for Owelle Rochas as I came out openly to support his candidacy.

Even if he belongs to a political party from Equatorial Forest, his track record as a private citizen was too tempting to ignore and stood like like a colossus. My advice to you is to read his speech carefully before condemning him. My write-ups are not to impress anyone, but to lend a voice of support to a governor that clearly understands that out of millions of people, it becomes a greatest honor to be voted into office to lead his people, and he his making the best of it.

I have no atom of doubt in my heart and soul Governor Rochas  won the gubernatorial election in Imo State in 2011. The constitutional rights of his opponent to seek a legal redress is proper and commendable, but if Nigeria is a place where leaders are held to accountability, many previous governors that are out there, parading themselves as leaders  with endless titles could have faced criminal indictments, and rightly so. The phrase that, “It could only happen in Nigeria” has become more derogatory than praise. Everything that I have written in this piece, is for me and not yours. As a writer, I choose to air my feelings for our governor openly because it is the right thing to do. Many that disagree  are acceptable to me, but it did not change anything.

The people of Imo State have the obligation to support Governor Rochas to succeed in moving Imo State forward. I am impressed with what Governor Rochas is doing. I know that he is doing well when my cousin told me that there are no more money in the local governments to share.I was more than elated that for the first time since Concorde was built, it generated its own revenue to pay staffs’ salaries. I am deeply impressed with no atom of hesitation of his capital projects in Imo State. I am elated to learn from Governor Rochas about his plans to upgrade the standards of living of the people of the State.

I pray for his good health; and his administration and wish him well. The Supreme Court of Nigeria will unanimously re-affirm his victory and put to rest any distraction as he continues to improve Imo State. People supported his claim that he has done in eight months what previous governors had not accomplished since Nigeria returns to democracy in 1979.

Ndewo daa,

Mazi Henry Otulle Eke writes from Austin, Texas.



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