FUEL SUBSIDY REMOVAL: If you had one thing to say to Pres. Goodluck Jonathan, what would it be?

Pres . Goodluck Jonathan greeted Nigeria on New Years day with bad news. After many discussions on the removal of  fuel subsidy, the new policy went into the immediate effect in an New Years day announcement by the Petroleum Products Pricing and Regulatory Agency, PPPRA.  There was no previous warning.

 Prior to the announcement, many  protested against the implementation of the new policy as it was going to  lead to increased fuel prices.  Previously, fuel cost ranged between  N60 – N65 per litre.  As of today, the going rate for Fuel in parts Imo is N160 per litre. In most places in Abia State  fuel prices are being sold for as much as  N200 per litre.

Most fuel stations in Lagos and Abuja were and shut today while they waited to figure out how to adjust their prices. Citizens are riled up in anger as they considered the fuel price the country enjoyed as the only benefit from Nigeria’s oil wealth.

 In defense of the fuel subsidy removal, the “Federal Government” considers it essential to allow for more spending on our Nations  infrastructure  and ease pressure on our foreign reserve (whatever that means)

Meanwhile, Trades Union Congress and Nigerian Labour Congress have called for mass action in response.

It will be recalled that a few weeks ago, the Federal Government announced a budget of N1 BILLION NAIRA feeding allowance for Pres.Goodluck Jonathan and VP, Namadi Sambo.

In a country where the minimum monthly wage is N18, 000 and the average Nigerian struggles daily to put food on the table for our children,  what is your take on this issue of Fuel Subsidy?

If you had one thing to say to President Jonathan,

what would it be?


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