GAY SCANDAL: What we expect from Imo deputy Governor, Madumere , Uche Rajis – By Jeff Azubuike.

For months now, we have been awash with the story by the caption: How I Caught Madumere and My Ex-husband indulging in Bisexual Act, Sandra Uche-Rajis Explodes.

I believe the story must have been read or heard by everyone concerning one Sandra Uche Rajis who allegedly accused the Imo deputy governor, Prince Eze Madumere of indulging inbisexual act with her ex-husband and former Njaba Transitional Committee Chairman, Hon. Uche Rajis.

After reading the story holistically, I will agree that its one enthralling piece I have ever come across. I give my reservation on that very piece as being a guide; at least one that will guide us for it not to also blunder us like blind beggars into the spikes of the cactus fence. With that piece, we should be able to have a guide on the issue on ground; without it, we will end up being blind.

As the matter waxes stronger, it was also becoming so interesting. Meanwhile, while this trailed, I would admit that my grave annoyance was on some media practitioners in Owerri who could not take a bold step in investigating such a matter which has in past been making news. Does it mean that some media practitioners took the wrong presumption and a sabotaging step against the ethic of their profession by accepting bribe after the news must have come their way?

Journalistically, I will admit that some people in the media industry are now being used as a force against the ethics of the profession. Only by smelling their mouths, one would also agree that in this side of our field, some people have sold out their birthright as pen pushers. Quite long ago, these colleagues have sold their future and career for peanuts, whereby making themselves cheap and worthless.

They act as informant to the so called looters of our public fund, and under the same pretence they act to be working against injustice and corruption. What else is a journalist doing when a story that could burn the file and make an exclusive report for a front page is hovering around?

Why is it that we still have this group of people that when they get into political offices they forget the course for good governance? Of course, what do you expect from a State like Imo where some people have suddenly developed the impression that the once industrious State has now become an accident-factory? Yes, the State has developed the problem of bad leadership emanating from wrong candidacy, which its trajectory will continue to evolve, until we have a rethink on our electoral preeminence and choices with those we elect into political positions. Again, this State has been massed up with people of destructive expectation, everybody wants to see his or her person gaining positions in government, whether he performs or not, that’s not really their worries as they enjoy cronyism at high esteem.

Having gone through the said Sandra Uche Rajis’ case, who fervidly we’ve not met, I would admit that a proper hearing should be made. However, I’m of the opinion that for Madumere to prove he is innocent of this whole accusation which had been on social media and websites, he should take legal steps. Meanwhile, if he is also quite sure that the SSS are already on the matter, I think they should properly go and arrest this woman by law. This is one woman who is confronting him face to face; also I’m meant to understand that the same woman had allegedly accused Governor Okorocha of indulging in same act.

I don’t wish to lay emphasis on the lady’s claims, because it’s also possible that it could be a way of blackmailing them since they have found themselves in government. Madumere should know that a person living in glass house does not throw stones. The only way we can resolve this is by bringing in the law, and through proper investigation which whoever that fails or found guilty should as well face its retributive punishment.

In as much as Sandra, Uche Rajis and Madumere continues to fight shadows without proper investigation and arrest of the offender or offenders, I think the issue will continue to generate controversy and blackmail against Madumere and even to our dear Imo state’s image. For Uche Rajis, if actually you don’t know this woman who claims you got married to her and got her pregnant, I think a DNA test should be conducted for everyone to know who is lying. Then, Madumere should sue this woman so that she will present her fact. Without all these, I think this government will continue to have image problem, talk more of people seeing this State as one being governed by gays. And it’s absolutely an abomination!

For no reason, I don’t know what Sandra will gain by indulging in cheap blackmail against the person of Prince Eze Madumere. Why must this lady fight Madumere? But, it is absolutely crazy that till this moment a woman who is not hiding her identity had continued to disturb the peace of this State with her claims, and could also be seen sending out messages freely without being arrested or sued. We need a different story, and Madumere as the number two citizen of Imo state now should give us that story we want to hear by arresting and suing this woman, or even calling her to order.

Adamantly, I have had this reluctant approach towards responding to this very issue. But as a bonafide Imo citizen, I have come to realize that one cannot trample upon the humanity of others without devaluing his own. For Madumere, why must a witch cry in the night, then morning a baby dies?

For the moment, I will conclude that there is need for Madumere in person to visit his memory lane. Yes, he might be comfortable now, but he should also know that when we are comfortable we are also inattentive to some arising issues; and that’s why we run the risk of committing grave injustices absentmindedly with our acts. Mind you, negatively or positively, there is no story that is not true.

 Written by: Jeff Azubuike



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