On Governor Okorocha’s decision to relocate the Mosque to “Control Area”.

It is not unusual to react the way 95% of us in this forum did to this Mosque relocation saga. In fact, I vexed on reading Rochas is planning this relocation. However pondered over it alittle while, I said to myself, “How can I depict good leadership if I don’t make the impossibles possible, the positive unimaginables imaginable?”


Yes, it is very true we have encountered lots of ill-treatments from Boko Haram and perhaps not well comforted by the governors of the involved States. However if we are truely in the Spirit of Christ, He told us to show love even when within us at a given period (example love muslems in the face of Boko Haram devastation)it is almost impossible to think of.


Honestly, it is too difficult for me as a human to come to terms with this relocation, if it is true, but I am compelled to tell myself, “If you want to be a great leader, you need to exhibit the almost impossible examples of great men like Nelson Madiba Mandela, Pope John Paul II, Jesus Christ” who after suffering in the hands of their enemies found it somehow and somewhere in their hearts to forgive their offenders.


It is a hard decision that will be debated fiercely by most Christians no matter how pacifying it is designed.


If we can try no matter how little (it is normal to be upset about this issue considering what Boko Haram is doing)to lay down and look beyond our sentiments, we will clearly see that what Rochas Okorocha is proposing will in no distant future make us PACE SETTERS and also enlarge our State’s economic prosperity. With the establishment of a conducive environment for mutual religious co-existence(EXAMPLE LAGOS), brethren the dividends will abound in no time.


It is a decision very hard to agree to, but please let’s look beyond the HAND of ESAU on this particular issue at hand.


WE ARE NDI IGBO and that is why we are different from others. So, let’s show them we still have the RIVER of IGBONESS flowing inside of us.


Udo Diri Unu.

Austin Onuoha RN

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