GOV.OKOROCHA: Looking beyond praise singers – By Sir Ike Ejesi

13934814_10209982968833468_1298144276141782572_nThe fact that the Imo State Deputy Governor took to his FB wall to reassure the governor’s supporters that the governor was well, contrary to the wild rumor making rounds, assures me that the governor heard about the celebration by the generality of the population of Imo State that something untoward had happened to their governor.

Contrast this to approximately four years ago when in a similar rumor it was reported that the governor had died following an accident involving his convoy. At that time, Imo State went into an automatic mourning mode until the governor addressed them. Even the assurances of his lieutenants would not assuage the concerns of his people, his people.

The recent sad rumor should be instructional. I believe that Governor Okorocha should for once pause and reflect seriously on this unfortunate transition than wave it away as the handiwork of his enemies, oppenents and mischief makers.

The governor should seriously begin to look beyond his praise singers and take stock to find the missing link between him and “his people, his people”. That mass of the Imo people that trusted him so much when he was never tested on service to Imo State. That Imo State that shunned all enticement to hand him a mandate against an incumbent whose performance wasn’t totally abysmal. That Imo State that stood by him a second time when many odds were stacked against him.
Governor Okorocha should not embark on any revenge mission or witch-hunting at this time but focus energy on reconnecting with the suffering people of Imo State by listening and attending to their needs.

Ya gazie!

Sir Ike Ejesi



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