Government Liason Officers inaugurated in Imo State.

12670259_1110163742348367_8565155200608570607_nGovernor Rochas Okorocha, Wednesday, February 3, 2016 inaugurated three hundred and five (305) Government Liaison Officers (GLOs) representing each of the 305 INEC Wards in the state, stating that their primary assignment is to drive the government’s policies and programmes in their respective wards for progress, development and growth.  He also announced that N5billion has been set aside for rural transformation which the GLOs would anchor.

Inaugurating the GLOs, governor Okorocha added that strong leadership must be established at the community (ward) level to drive the development of the area remarking that, “today there is the challenge of downturn in our economy as a result of dwindling oil prices. There is unemployment and insecurity and to address all these, the governor cannot stay in the government house and know what is happening in every ward and community. Therefore, the need to share some of my powers with you is inevitable. We will not share the chorus of under-development because of dwindling economy but we shall all rise to build the Imo of our collective dreams and aspirations.”

The governor continued, “the GLOs are the pivots on which the wheel of job, job, job policy will rotate.  The GLOs simply mean Job, Job, Job.  Government has set aside the sum of N5b for the purpose of the projects in the wards to be driven by the GLOs.  Go back to your ward and work out how to create Jobs. Take charge of the eco-system.  The GLOs are all challenged to create all the enabling environment for transformation.  You are the flagship of the essence of democracy.  We shall make the state the hob of the economic drive of the south east and by extension the nation.”

“We are also concerned with the issue of security.  The GLOs should allay with traditional rulers and others to review the issue of Imo Community Watch.  At 40 we intend to do things differently to move Imo state forward.  Imo is not a fool at 40.  Therefore, we are here gathered to improve the steps and legs of Imo state.  GLOs are created to restructure the wards for greatness”.

“They are to ensure that we develop the resources of the various wards and create jobs and ensure development of the wards.  You can call the GLOs mini-governors.  Today, we have challenges of all types hence the need to decentralize power for result and to build Imo of our collective dream.”

“We want to create Jobs and boost the economy of the state.  The GLOs with the traditional rulers and others working together can make a big difference.  This will also help us to fish out new leaders because if one can fix his ward, he or she can also fix the local government and state.”

Owelle Okorocha charged them to look inwards and create more economic activities in their localities.  He reminded them that the Rescue Mission Government made bold promises of Job, Job, Factory, Factory, Industry, Industry, in his campaign manifesto and this cannot be achieved without a proper structure upon which the wheel of job, Job, rotates, pointing out that they must think outside the box to create at least 100 jobs for 100 youths in each ward within the shortest possible time.

He equally empowered them to oversee the activities of their wards and make recommendations of who should be appointed for certain positions for the purpose of job creation which must be agro-based for now.

The governor announced that the money “set aside is to sponsor agricultural activities in the wards with the purpose of creating wealth.  Our strength now lies in agriculture since oil is no longer a good story for Nigeria, we must diversify our economy and the first point of call should be agriculture.”

Responding, the Deputy Governor who is equally a GLO, Prince Eze Madumere thanked the governor for the trust reposed in them, promising that with the calibre of people inaugurated as GLOs success is assured.  He equally assured on behalf of his colleagues that within the next 90 days significant impacts will be felt at the wards and the government and people of the state will be proud for giving them the opportunity to serve in that capacity.



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