Governor Okorocha deserves an unreserved apology from PUNCH newspaper..

Now that more facts have emerged discrediting the recent report in the SUNDAY PUNCH about Governor Rochas Okorocha,  the PUNCH editorial board should  issue a retraction.

The fabricated story alleged Governor Okorocha got physical  with Governor Peter Obi’s  protocol officer  over a seat. An incident that never happened was given  coverage on a national newspaper and within minutes  spread like wild fire all over the internet. No one asked why PUNCH was the only media house that carried the story.  How does one begin to explain such defamatory report against an innocent man?


Responding to the investigative report by, Chris Oji, an Enugu based reporter with THE NATION came forward to state that he witnessed the event  and confirmed the story was false.  In his words “I was there. It never happened”.

It will be recalled that the individual (Ozioma Ukabukoh) , behind this story is the same person who falsely reported that Enugu State Governor , Sullivan Chime who was on vacation abroad was terminally ill.


It is therefore imperative that the management at PUNCH terminate his employment before he reduces the company name. For the embarrassment this false publication has brought to the person of Governor Rochas Okorocha, an unreserved public apology is due.  We hope that the Office of the Imo Attorney General/ Legal team for the Imo State Government are on standby to do the needful.








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