Governor Okorocha fires his SSA on Owerri mayoral affairs, Uche Njoku.

The SSA to Governor Okorocha on Mayoral Affairs, Owerri Zone, honourable High Chief Uche Njoku (Ugwumba Owerri) was also thrown out of the Rescue Mission boat yesterday. We are not sure why he was fired but according to a recent report by a local paper,

….About N100m is said to have gone down the drain through several waste pipes instead of being utilized to embark on stipulated projects and complete on-going ones. 

It is allegedly claimed that Chairman of Owerri Mayoral Affairs Committee, Uche Njoku instituted measures to allegedly defraud the committee by employing ghost workers and engaging in certain unwholesome acts to misappropriate funds.The mayor is also alleged to have awarded contracts on his own without recourse to due process and most times, operates outside the terms of reference issued to Mayorial Affairs.


AGAIN, We can’t say if this is related to why he was fired but, a member of the committee told IMO STATE BLOG  that a dramatic scene played out during a meeting with Governor Okorocha on this same issue.  What was meant to be a dialogue between the Governor and the committee members turned out to be a *wikileaks affair*. They all threw caution to the wind as they  washed their  dirty linens.  Following the shocking revelations, we learnt  Governor Okorocha was speechless. He couldn’t even move.

Now that  High Chief  Uche Njoku has been disrobed of his mayorial duties, his short reign as mini governor of Owerri will not be forgotten in a hurry.

He will forever be remembered for that demonic looking  rhinoceros /pigbull he erected at the Fire service junction which was later removed. He will also be remembered for those crooked city gates staring in our faces at almost every corner.  The list is endless. He will be greatly missed.

We wish him well in his future endeavors .





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