Governor Okorocha returns from Asia. Set to hold Press Conference – COS-SG, Prince Eze Madumere

Chief of Staff to the State Government, Prince Eze Madumere has confirmed the safe return of His Excellency, Gov.Rochas Okorocha from Asia. According to Prince Eze Madumere, preparations have been concluded for the Governor to hold a State of the State Address on Wednesday, Sept. 14th 2011 at the Grasshopper Stadium, Owerri.

Governor Okorocha who was away from the State during the 100 Milestone anniversary for the Admistration recently, will address the people on the achievements so far.

 Responding to IMO STATE BLOG on the Governors absence which raising questions among Imolites,   Chief of Staff  Madumere,  was quick to defend the  Administration. “We were not elected for 100 days. This is a four year term. . . . The Governor has since returned from his Business trip to Asia. He will hold a State of the State Address at the Dan Anyiam Stadium on Wednesday.” He said.

True Enough, an Administration cannot be judged after a mere 100 days. Of what use is it to score high in order to meet up to expectations only to fall off the bandwagon for the remainder of the tenure?

As indigenes of the State. We  are all entitled to express our thoughts towards the Administration at any point in time. However, we must stay optimistic and believe that the much needed Change in IMO is around the corner.  Making IMO “better”  should  be a collective effort. Let us not be content just sitting and noting down  errors.

 Rephrasing the words of John F. Kennedy “Ask not what IMO can do for you, Ask what you can do for IMO.

Meanwhile, 歡迎回來 Your Excellency!! We missed 您 absence.  Hope Your Excellency brought back good 新聞 對 Imolites?


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