REPORT: Holy Ghost College student killed by Government driver in Owerri.

A government driver, driving recklessly knocked down a student of Holy Ghost college Owerri on monday and killed the young boy. What is most painful is that the idiot and useless driver was on the opposite lane not meant for him at all. It is common thing in Owerri that siren blaring government and bank and security drivers have turned the city of Owerri and environs into a lawless zone. They drive any how horse-whipping innocent road users, damaging cars and now killing an innocent future of this nation. A boy that left home looking forward to a day in school with friends and returning home to his family was wickedly terminated.

This people forget easily – and are doing things worse than what Ohakim did to a catholic priest and get away with it. I hope that the boys family does not accept any form of settlement so that this driver will go to jail in order to deter others.

But unfortunately we are in a state of nature here where life is brutish and only the fittest survive. The Police will even suggest the settlement and leave their work of enforcing the law. But I trust Governor Okorocha. This driver must go to jail.

– Eugene Obi



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