Hon.Nnanna Igbokwe (PDP) wins Ahiazu/Ezinihitte re-run election.

This past Saturday, the people of Mbaise came out en-mass to partipate in the re-run election for the Ahiazu/Mbaise Federal constuency.  11 parties, 11 candidates but the two major candidates were Hon.Nnanna Igbokwe (PDP) and Engr.Chidi Ibe (APGA).

 While Hon.Igbokwe had the backing of Deputy Speaker, Emeka Ihedioha, Prof.Viola Onwuliri, and APGA’s Sen.Chris Anyanwu among others, Engr.Chidi Ibe had the blessings of the Governor, Owelle Rochas Okorocha.   Gov.Okorocha threw in his weight as he campaigned extensively in Mbaise for him but on  election day,  the people followed their hearts.   The Peoples Democratic party reclaimed their seat with a landslide victory.

The election results are as follows: 

PDP: 17316
APGA: 13514
LP: 1896
PPA: 1203
ANPP: 1053
ACN: 813
NTP: 115
CPC: 50
ADC: 51
SDNP: 33
DFPF: 25



As we all know by now, there is hardly any election that takes place without drama. IMO STATE BLOG was reliably informed that the ruling party carted away Ballot boxes in most  polling booths. We do not know how true this information is but  a voter who witnessed the rigging attempt told us that the former Deputy Governor, Dr. Ada Okwuonu was also among those who were unable to cast their vote due to the fracas. According to the source,   Dr.Okwuonu, remained calm and poised all through. She was very pleasant and did not show any signs of agitation.

 Not withstanding the mild drama that occured in most of the polling areas, Hurricane PDP bulldozed through 20 out of the 24 wards to re-instate their candidate, Hon.Nnanna Igbokwe at the House of Representatives. Meaning, the ruling party APGA won only in four wards.  As if the embarrassment  was   not enough , we almost fell off from our tree branch when we learnt that the APGA candidate, Engr.Chidi Ibe  lost out even in his own ward. If you are wondering how a seating Governor was unable to deliver his party in 2 local governments, please do not ask us for we do not know.

IMO STATE BLOG congratulates Hon.Igbokwe on his victory. End of story.

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