How did our Nigerian men turn to murderers and wife beaters?

JUST IN: Another woman battered to stupor by her husband in Lagos. She was rushed to hospital this evening and can’t utter a word. Details are still sketchy.

These are some of the stories umu ada’s (single ladies) hear and decide to remain single.  When did our Nigerian men turn to wife-beaters?

 Biko, hope no man reading this will take offense. Onye ajuju anaghi efu uzo. (Anyone who asks questions never misses his way) I ask because our men were hardly in the news over such stories. In the past few years, our Nigerian men have made international headlines over killing their wives or beating them blue black as we see in this case.


Could it be that our  Women are becoming too confrontational? Could  it be the western influence? Too many questions . How in God’s name can  someone have the heart to panel beat a fellow human being like this biko nu?


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