How has the Okorocha Administration performed so far?

The countdown to the 1- year anniversary of the Okorocha Administration has begun.   Milestone Anniversaries provide us with the opportunity to evaluate the performance our leaders.


Here in Imo, those of us on ground see things unfold first hand and those of us who live abroad stay informed through the  media  and word of  mouth from relatives at home.

Over the past 12 months, we must have seen and heard enough to give an honest evaluation. This brings us to our question: How has the Okorocha Administration performed so far? Is the IMO RESCUE MISSION on track or do they need to go back to the drawing board?

 Are there policies that are not clear to us?  Their  Programmes nko? Eg: HADS – Health At Your Door Step, Free Education etc.  What do you think?  Speak up and let your voice be heard!

Emm.. Biko, one last thing.

In stating our opinion, let us be honest and constructive. 🙂

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