How our N60m worth building was demolished without compensation – Ingrid Okonta

My grandma Chief/Mrs. P.A Nwameme built this 3 story rental property with 18 first level storefronts in Mgbidi, Imo State in 1976. Governor Rochas and his evil contractors only gave her verbal notice to remodel the building to the standard of the new market. So my mother and her siblings decided to call from the U. S to look for a contractor who can remodel the three story building. The plan was when a suitable contractor was found, my mother and her siblings will all go to Nigeria in order to supervise the renovation.

Before we knew it, my mother got a call from Nigeria that my grandmother’s three story building was bulldozed. Governor Rochas and his evil contractors never gave any time for a renovation. With no type of remorse he destroyed a 60million Naira worth building, with no compensation. This is illegal and shameful on the governor’s part. People live in that three story building and they have their businesses there. He has displaced so many people.My grandmother is a widow and this is one of her retirement incomes. This is so wrong on every level. They encourage Igbo people in diaspora to come back to Nigeria to develop but , yet they are destroying our property. It is very discouraging to want give back when your own people treat you like rubbish.

By Ingrid A. Okonta



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