HUMBILITY 101:Behold how the mighty have fallen.

Behold, how flat the mighty have fallen. Humbled by defeat, Gov.Ohakim mustered enough liver to meet with Gov.Okorocha for a tour of Douglas House. Present at this tour was our incoming Chief of Staff, Prince Eze Madumere.

 According to an anonymous staff of his, he was in a very “kujaad ” state.  You would have felt pity for him. He had lost so much weight and looked very frail.  Sometime last week, he attended a burial in his village and as the norm, his S.S.S men would lock the door once he enters a place but surprisingly, he actually asked them to leave the door open and allow people come in if they chose to. Hmmm . Humbility!

Such is life,  Sir.. Na so ! Just as they say, be careful to those who you meet on your way up. They will be at the bottom of the ladder when you come down.

The very same Chief of Staff, Prince Eze Madumere was the one you had locked up for weeks. Now, the tables have turned . You are now at HIS MERCY.  Honestly Sir, Pray very hard.

Since I hear Your Excellency is a regular visitor to this blog, may I respectfully ask for you to download this image below at your spare time. If we paste it on our wall and memorize the words everyday, it will help us in  future.

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