If tribunal stands firmly, Ihedioha will be declared Governor – Barth Obi

In a recent interview, veteran politician a Hon. Prince Barth Obi alleged that the elections were manipulated. He is of the opinion that if the tribunal would stand firmly, Rt.Hon Emeka Ihedioha will be declared winner of the just concluded Imo Governorship elections.

This is how Nigerian Horn is reporting the interview.

IHD1Veteran politician and political strategist, Hon. Prince Barth Obi has differed from the attitude of the people of Owerri nation over their decision not to support the Peoples Democratic Party gubernatorial candidate in recently concluded eelection, Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha, insisting that he condemns it.

Obi made the assertion in an exclusive interview he granted Weekend Nigerian Horn at his country home in Emekuku on Wednesday, stating that the Mbaise nation have proved to be more reliable than the Owerri nation when it comes to the issues of political delineation and charter of equity.

The former honourable member of the Imo State House of Assembly and now a reputable member of the PDP in the state adduced reasons why he extends solid support to the candidacy of Emeka Ihedioha, expressing the confidence that if the Elections Petitions Tribunal sitting in the state would live up its terms of reference, Ihedioha will emerge the governor of Imo State.

“Emeka Ihedioha is an astute politician. Emeka Ihedioha is a consistent politician. Emeka Ihedioha controls the crowd in Imo. Irrespective of the fact that he lost the election, I am blaming my people, the people of Owerri senatorial zone, minus the people of Mbaise.  Had Owerri people voted massively for Emeka, he would have won. Though some voted for him, I still blame for allowing the APC to rig PDP out in the zone. The rigging should have been prevented.

” It is not true that Mbaise people are bad people. My brothers and sisters from Owerri zone and the rest of Imo State must learn to correct that wrong notion. Mbaise Nation is populated by many good people like Emeka Ihedioha. I don’t have any direct family relationship at all in Mbaise but there are good people there. Just as there are good and bad people in Owerri, Orlu and Okigwe so also there good and bad people in Mbaise. It does not make sense to keep regarding the Mbaise people as bad people. Why people say Mbaise people are bad is that they do not like injustice. When you want to cheat them, they will resist you and refuse to be cheated.

“Mbaise people are more patriotic to the Owerri cause. See how Mbaise rejected their own son, Nneji who is in another party and voted massively for Samdaddy, the PDP senatorial candidate from Ikeduru. That is consistency which the Owerri people do not seem to have as at now. But instead of voting for Emeka, they voted for Rochas. Are Owerri people fair? In the future let nobody say again that the Mbaise people betrayed them. They are the people that have betrayed Mbaise people. Good people are many in Mbaise. It is not only Emeka Ihedioha that is a good Mbaise man. There are others too many to mention. Dr. Ferdinand Ukoha is a very good Mbaise man. Bright Nwanne is a good Mbaise man. Casmir Anyanwu is a good Mbaise man. As I said they are very many good people in Mbaise.

“I have stated it earlier. The PDP lost the elections because of rigging. The elections in Imo were manipulated. Emeka Ihedioha won the election. I speak the truth as an apostle of social justice. That’s why some people are after me wanting to eliminate me. Governor Rochas Okorocha is my personal friend. I tell him the truth. Irrespective of the fact that he performed, the people of Imo State wanted a change as the people wanted a change at the national level. The way Buhari defeated Jonathan was the same way Emeka defeated Rochas but it was manipulated. It is not technically right to say that the PDP lost the election in Imo State. The people wanted a new government. They wanted a change in Imo but unfortunately the elections were manipulated.

“If the tribunal would stand firmly; mark my word. If the tribunal would stand firmly, Emeka Ihedioha will be announced as the governor of Imo State. Because he won the election. The election was only manipulated by the APC. The government of the state manipulated the election everywhere in the state. That was why Emeka went to the tribunal. Basically, Ihedioha cannot go to tribunal without having enough evidence of the rigging and manipulation of the election. That’s the reason why he went to the tribunal. Ihedioha went to the tribunal because he has seen the truth about that election. He has seen that his election was manipulated. With the tribunal, it is not over until it is over,” Obi declared.

The former Deputy National Publicity Secretary of the All Nigeria Peoples Party (ANPP) eventually called on politicians to play politics with humility, honesty, love and fear of God.

“Politicians should play politics with humility, honesty, love and fear of God. Politics is not an issue where brothers should quarrel. It is an issue of when you try and didn’t get through, you petition the tribunal and yet you didn’t make it, then you embrace your brother. Remain in your party but embrace your brother and forge ahead. If you didn’t win today, you may win tomorrow,” Hon. Prince Barth Obi concluded.



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