If you can't beat them, Join them!! Let's leave the Courts out.

When will Politicians of our GREAT Country, Nigeria learn to accept defeat with dignity and keep it moving? The likes   Amb. Kema Chikwe, Iyabo Obasanjo – Bello and our Honourable Speaker who could not speak his way back into the hearts of his Constituency for a Second term have not killed themselves over the Results.  Life goes on!  Why do we always end up in court if elections dont turn out in our favour? Kini big deal about Government positions anyway?  Are there no more jobs in the Private Sector?  Why do we turn it into a do or die affair? Can’t we all just get along in the interest of Peace?

I read Chris Ngige of Anambra state is headed for Court challenging Dora Akinyuli’s victory. So is Gov. Orji Uzor Kalu after the technical knockout by the incumbent Sen.Chukwumerije .  Quoting Gov.Kalu below:

“The result of election announced by the INEC does not represent the wish of the people of Abia North. I make bold to say that I won in four of the five local government areas in Abia North Senatorial District. I am going to challenge the result in a court of law because it was not a true reflection of how people voted during the election. I believe in the judiciary and I am very hopeful that I will claim my victory at the court.”

I know there will be many more  heading to Court. Biko kwa, peaceful citizens of the Federal Republic of Nigeria say NO to unecessary courtroom drama. Besides, the time spent in court can actually be used in passing a few Bills at the National Assembly.

So, permit me to respectfully slide my note under your door Sirs and Madams especially those who will fail woefully at the Gubernatorial elections :

“If you can’t beat them, by all means  please join them and let’s keep it moving. God bless you as you accept your defeat with Grace and Dignity.  Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria!”

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