Ikedi Ohakim was a Nightmare- 2 Former Commisioners lament

In response to the blog piece “Blacklist recommendation to the COS”, two former commisioners in the Ohakim Administration have stepped forward to vindicate themselves from the list.

Immediate past former Commisioner for ___________ called to express regrets that his good name had been smeared as a result of his affliation with the Ohakim Administration. Unknown to many, the disgraced former Executive Governor, Ikedi Ohakim was a nightmare to his own Cabinet staff .

His words:

Ohakim was a bad dream. A nightmare. It was very bad. Do you know that sometimes I had to use my money to run the Ministry? It got to a point that I was selling my properties just to survive while answering Commissione. . . . . The man (Ikedi Ohakim) just messed up everybody. A man who spent nothing to be made Governor.   He didnt understand what they gave him. He mishandled the State and ofcourse he lost.

You need to see the other less fancied governors that got re-elected. Look at Ebonyi, the guy who challenged him was even a younger guy yet, he was still able to win his re-election bid. Ohakim is a Ba***rd. Every body was fooled for him; we all put up our best and didnt know he was just a big fool who had no staying power. EVIL genius. 

I couldnt help but ask why he Campaigned for the second term re-election bid of the rejected Governor.

We worked for the Party (PDP) and not necessarily for Ohakim. It was just unfortunate that he was the flag bearer. Some of my colleagues who had intentions to continue to other elected positions did not scale through because of him. He deceived alot of us. We thought he had something going for him. Instead of being the messiah, he became the problem of imo state.
Very shameless man. Do you know he has gone about begging Emeka Offor? Prostrating for him?. He also begged Araraume and gave him 2 cars? Yet, we have not been paid since April.

Thank God for the MUTE option!. If only Honourable knew that I was rolling on the floor laughing!! It was definitely time to change topic.  How would you assess the Okorocha Administration? I asked.

It is to early to assess. Right now there has been no concete action yet . As time goes on we can make a comparitive analysis.
What we need to be concerned about is Chris Anyanwu, the Senator. Someone needs to call her to order. She is over zealous and keeps intruding in Government matters. Instead of her to go and enjoy her duty in Abuja, everyday she is in Owerri looking into areas she is not supposed to look. Most APGA people are not happy with her. They regard her as a late comer who wants to distract Owelle by intruding in his activities as Governor.

Hope Uzodinma and the other Senator, Amb.Nwagwu have reported for duty in Abuja, what is she still doing here?  She should go back to her post and allow the Governor begin his rescue mission.

Before anyone could spell out R-O-C-H-A-S-O-K-O-R-O-C-H-A, I was speaking with another    Commisioner. This  time it was the Former Honourable Commisioner for __________ and ____________.

“Young lady you heard right. We were unfairly treated. Nothing to show for our time in Office as Commissioners. To make matters worse, when the new Governor came, he withdrew our Official vehicles;without giving us an opportunity to negotiate payment. All Commisioners and the Special Advicers were told to return their Cars. We were antagonized.

Even though Ohakim was a bad Governor, when he came into office, Achike Udenwa’s Commissioners literally left away with their Official vehicles. Free. It is wrong for us to be treated like this after the service we gave to the State.

Such a pity. This is just a typical case of Guilty by association. As God will have it, everything is now in the hands of the new Chief of Staff to the State Government, Prince Eze Madumere. The same man who slept in the Prison cell for weeks while most were enjoying their beds in Commissioners quarters. . . . all because of a false allegation by the E__l genius, Ikedi Ohakim. . . too bad.

The evil that men do in office surely live after them. . .

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