Ilomuanya will be banished if he continues to parade as Eze – Okorocha


Recently, we reported here that the dethroned Eze Ilomuanya would be returning to complete his tenure.

Following a meeting with Governor Okorocha on Tuesday with the press, it does not seem that widely reported majestic return will be happening. On the issue of the former Chairman of the State Council of Ndi-Eze, here is what Governor Okorocha has to say:

“Let me clarify, Ilomuanya is no longer an Eze, he is Mr. Ilomuanya. He is not an Eze and will no longer be an Eze, His Eze was not a proper one. Let me give you an insight, for the purpose of those who misplace fact. What Illomuanya went to Court for, is to claim that he is still the Chairman of Imo State Traditional Rulers Council. First of all, I removed him as Chairman, he wasn’t coming to meetings or attending any function so we removed him as Eze. He went to Court and the Court said status quo should remain which means the last incident should remain which is his removal, which was the last thing that took him to Court. His five years tenure ended 3 years ago so the issue of tenure is over, he can only ask for entitlement of the tenure because the tenure has elapsed. For now, he is no longer an Eze unless the Court says otherwise. I have warned that he stops parading himself as an Eze or I will banish him from the State”.

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