Imo Deputy Governor, Jude Agbaso breaks silence on impeachment saga.

Deputy Governor, Sir Jude Agbaso has broken his silence over the impeachment saga. We read the full report from the special committee at the House which was set up to investigate the N458m bribe which a lebanese contractor, JPROS International said he paid the Deputy Governor. Click here for more details. 

So anyway, Agbaso met with journalists in Owerri over the weekend to give his own side to the story. This is what he wants ndi Imo to  know:

“The truth is that I am a victim of power play between two powerful political figures. I heard that there was an agreement reached between my elder brother, Chief Martin Agbaso that the governor should be in office for one tenure and give way for him to contest.

It is possible the agreement is about to be breached and the best they want to make sure I am out of the office at all costs.

 I feel it a duty to address formally the good people of Imo State who gave me their mandate a litle less than two years ago to be their deputy governor and set the records straight that all the allegations of wrong-doing against me that have been the issue for some time are completely false and unfounded.

I have kept quiet all along but felt it is time to state my side of the story so that all that people hear about me would not be taken as true. I am not the Governor and do not award contracts and there is no way bribe for contract award should be channeled to me.

 The facts are there to exonerate me of any charges being brought up now. If the House wants to impeach me, it should do it in a tidy way and not trump up vain claims and charges. I know that the House has possibly made up their mind to get me out of the way but the world should know that it is politics and I did no wrong or took any bribe.

While you are digesting that, we also thought to throw in this bonus video clip for your viewing pleasure. 😀

 Good people of Imo, now that you have heard the Deputy Governor’s side to these allegations, what is your response to what you have read and heard in the video?



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