IMO STATE: As newly appointed commissioners take oath of office…..




The newly appointed six Commissioners :Professor Chima Iwuchukwu, Ichie Best Uche Mbabaso, Chinedu Offor, Prince Charles Onuoha, Lady Barr. Ugochi Nnanna Onuoha and Barr Emma Ekweremba, who took their oath of allegiance and oath of office with specific milestone task were charged to show dedication commitment and loyalty to the course for which they are appointed.

The event which began around twelve noon was declared open with a National Anthem and an opening prayer by Nonye Rajis, Nigerian Ambassador to Singapore whose prayer points were on loyalty, commitment and service to father land.

Starting with the oath of allegiance and oath of office, which boarders on faithfulness to the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and to be disinterested while discharging their duties, the commissioners chorused the oaths with Barr. S. U. Onuoha who conducted the exercise.

Congratulating and welcoming the newly sworn-in Commissioners into Rescue Mission family, Governor Okorocha reminded them of the most important rule of Rescue Mission which is hard work devoid of procrastination for which adduced to “Thirty minutes at Entebbe.”

Governor Okorocha warned them against corrupt practices as such is not an issue to be discussed since Rescue Mission is Zero-tolerant for corruption. He charged them to discharge their duties without fear or favour.

He decried Nigerian Democracy, which has produced more corrupt politicians than leaders. He called on the Commissioners to see themselves as appointed leaders and not otherwise.

Governor Okorocha while speaking about Barr. Lady Nnanna Okoro’s appointment who is of Peoples Democratic party, he called on the people to distinguish between politics and governance saying Governance begins where politics ends. He said the Government is for all and that Party is a mere vehicle to actualizing a dream. He opined that Governance is where leadership is embedded and chided those who say they work for Rochas but should rather say they work with Rochas.

He reiterated Imo Government’s resolve to fight kidnapping to a standstill as all hands on deck to fight the hydra-headed crime is it is already going down.

On the portfolio of the said Commissioners, they are as following; Chinedu Offor is the Commissioner for Information and Straegy and was given a Milestone of turning around Imo Broadcasting Corporation to an enviable height; Prince Charles Onuoha is the Commissioner for Housing and was challenged to develop Diaspora Village with about five thousand Housing units; Ichie Best Mbanaso is the Commissioner for Commerce and Industry and was formally the SSA to the Governor on Mayoral Affairs, Orlu Zone – charged with the responsibility of turning all the Markets to modern once. Mbanaso, according to the Governor earned his appointment because of his feat in Orlu. Barr Lady Nnanna Okoro is the Commissioner for Culture and tourism and was given a matching order to develop Oguta Lake to a tourist destination in the next one year. Professor Chima Iwuchukwu is in charge of Ministry of Public Utilities – he is to make sure that water runs in Owerri Capital City, Okigwe, Orlu and ensure that all rural areas in darkness must have electricity.  For Barr Emma Ekweremba is the new Commissioner for petroleum and Environment who was also given a milestone of achieving restive free oil producing area and following up on Shell Gas Plant Project.

Governor Okorocha gave a timeline of one year for the Commissioners to achieve their specific milestones or be called for questioning. In response, on behalf of the Six Commissioners, Professor Chima Iwuchukwu thanked Governor Okorocha for the opportunity and promised their poise to surpass the high expectation of the Governor and the good people of Imo State. Commissioner for Justice and Attorney General of the State, Barr Sorronnadi said the closing prayer. –

Uche Onwuchekwa




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