IMO STATE: Except the unexpected – Obinna Zebulon

readers-mail-1May 29, 2015 has come and gone and Imo State and all her indigenes (except for those that passed on during the period) are still here. For those that are in business, it is a breath of fresh air while for those in white and blue collar jobs it portends direction and lastly for debtors, it marks the end of excuses to creditors.
Irrespective of the side of the divide we find ourselves, one thing that is paramount is the focus of leadership in the State and how that focus affects our daily lives.

Someone once said that if Nigeria were to be ran based on contributions from social media platform (mostly Facebook), the problem of Nigeria would have been long solved and our citizens enjoying like their UAE counterparts.

As Nigerians, we are very good at giving sound analytical suggestions on how the government should address the affairs of the Nation in an objective manner to drive the much desired development in every sphere of our political, economic and social well-being.

As it is for the Nation, so it is for the constituent States. Focusing on our dear State IMO, while we imolites anticipate the list of appointees by our dear governor His Excellency Owelle Rochas Okorocha, everyone both pro and anti APC in one way or the other might have expressed their minds in terms of what they expect the continuing government of Imo State to do. These expectations ranges from Economic, Political, Social, Educational and every other facet of the State that will bring about development and political integration in areas that are predominantly pro PDP.

While these insinuations are ongoing, the expectations of the people have been highly elevated to the point that every step taken by the government is highly analysed with the aforementioned developmental objectives in mind.

As most pro PDP members might be expecting the APC lead government to embark on a vindictive approach bearing in mind all that happened during the governorship elections, it will be a classical show of leadership for our governor to go beyond political divide to create a platform of “CHANGE” that will be all inclusive where the best brains, hands, eyes, legs, are deployed into the workings of the state to bring about the Imo State of the 21st and 22nd century where we will no longer be trailing our peers rather we will be in the fore front of developmental drives both economically and politically to the extent that our strengths are harmonized for the ultimate good of all.

It is true that the saying “expect the unexpected” can swing either way for good or for bad. However, it is our utmost desire and expectation that our able governor will in his speech include this slogan in a positive way and surprise every doubting Thomas.

While it is expected that he will not focus on economic development being that it is his last tenor as a governor in Imo State, he should give Imolites a parting gift of by putting in place good systems and processes that will engender growth in the State.

Then and only then will he earn a place in Imo history like the Mbakwes of this world during their time.

Consequently, we the Imolites are saying to Nigerians and the World at large “EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED IN IMO STATE”

God bless Imo State, God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Thank you.

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