Imo State Government signs MOU with Miami – Dade College, Florida.

COMING FRESH OUT OF MIAMI, FLORIDA: Governor Rochas Okorocha has approved an MOU signed with the Miami-Dade College in Florida.  Through this MOU, the program would train thousands of students while offering them   guaranteed employment in the  fields of Hotel management and tourism.


The  program will  kick off at the Imo State Polytechnic Umuagwo, and  Imo College of Advanced Professional Studies (ICAPS).

Speaking while witnessing the signing ceremony in Florida, Gov. Okorocha said the action was part of a comprehensive plan to re-position the state as a tourism destination and, give the youths more opportunities to secure their future and get them off the streets.

He said  the construction of three five star hotels in Owerri, Orlu and Okigwe, which would help develop and open up the new cities, would provide employment opportunities for youths who would graduate from the institution.


Founded in 1959, Miami Dade is the largest college in the Florida College System with over 161,000 students.  It is listed as  second-largest in the United States.

Endorsed by former U.S President Jimmy Carter, the MOU commits the Miami-Dade College  to provide training to Imo state youths in various areas of Hotel management and operation, including catering and  customer service.

UPDATE: This post is being updated  for the attention of Chika Nwakamma and any other person who doubts the MOU with Miami Dade College was signed in Florida, US.

Quoting Nwakamma:

“…This is a scrap news as far as I am concern and the guy should stop making himself small pikin. How can you claim to have signed MOU between a state own college in a state like Florida with predominantly 80 to 90 % white residents and the picture you are showing didn’t not even show any American person in the or was the MOU signed b/w Rochas and his information commissioner?”  

Here goes your proof.

In this photo, an official of the Miami Dade College is seen in a handshake with Rev.Wence Madu after the MOU signing with Governor Okorocha.





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