Guber- results declared Inconclusive. "Declare Ohakim winner and be ready for fire" – Voters respond to INEC

According to information on , tentative results posted earlier today indicated that APGA Candidate, Owelle Rochas Okorocha had a clear lead polling in at 195,897 votes against  Gov.Ikedi Ohakim’s 160,728 count.


Fast forward hours later, the Independent National Electoral Commison  (INEC) shocks Imolites by declaring the results from the Gubernatorial Elections “Inconclusive”. Confused.

How can a such a transparent election produce an “Inconclusive” result for crying out loud? Or will i ask, what INEC means by the word “inconclusive” ? Because…..  you would be surprised to learn that the definition of certain English words mean completely the opposite in our Nigerian Electoral process. I threw out the question on my personal facebook page.

The following response was  voted as  “Best Answer” to the definition of the word “Inconclusive”.

” This simply means PDP hasn’t rigged enough and must be given the opportunity to do so!” – Anonymous

How can such a free and transparent election be declared as “inconclusive”?  So, what is the importance of an Election in a democratic dispensation if  the voice of the people are not heard? Why get people to stand under the sun for hours just to cast their vote when their votes won’t count?  In most cases, the figures released are even more than the people who turn up to vote. LOL! Naija we hail thee!!

An anonymous citizen in the Eastern part of Nigeria claimed to have witnessed a visit by a certain _____________ to his ______  in the early hours of April 26th (Election day). Don’t ask me what the midnight visit was all about , all I know is that Money was left behind…..what was that money for?.

When will our Politicians stop bribing their way into Office ? Power is given; not taken! If we can’t hold elections without malpractices then, please voluntarily hand us over to the Military regime!!

While I stand against  any acts of  violence or vandalism, I also stand against corrupt leadership in Nigeria. Enough is Enough!

Uncle Jega, over to you, sir. You were not hired to deliver Pres. Goodluck Jonathan alone. We have set your Final exam in Imo State. The results from the Guber- elections will determine if you are really the “man of intergrity” I have always praised you to be. Give the people their choice & watch Gods blessing embarass you. I rest my case. Heading back to my mango tree biko

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