Imo State on the road to Anguish!!

A co-operation between greed and selfishness is taking shape in Imo State today. Hand in hand with this is the application of cruelties and vendetta as policies of state. The high levels of co-operation between the forces of retrogression and darkness in Imo State must be checked by well meaning citizens of the state and the time is now.

To the present government in Imo State, we say that it is not enough to feast our ears with slogans. It is a matter of humiliation and shame that after 100 days in office, Imo people have not seen the direction of the Rochas government. The foundation for development laid down by the Ohakim administration is now sapped. The inhuman boycott of most of the Ohakim signature projects has grinded the Imo economy to a halt. It seems as clear as daylight that Imo State is in serious trouble. The state is bleeding to a slow death. The Rochas system seems to be designed to crush the very life out of our citizens.

The emerging Rochas dictatorship degrades the spirit and soul of Imo people. It has made the people look small. Fear and cowardice has taken over. The government of Rochas is not the peoples government. It is a government of other people, by other people and for other people. Imo appears to have been sold to distant masters from Anambra and other states of the federation. All that Rochas does is on behalf of distant masters. We have been colonised in Imo State, and history has known no good colonisers.

Everyday peoples home are broken into by reckless agents of government in search of so called government properties. But in truth, the purpose of the raids is to overawe and humiliate Imo people. This programmed humiliation is a chosen method by government to destroy the free spirit of the Imo people. Our traditional institutions are now subjugated and ridiculed. The economy of Imo State is now in ruins. The lofty heigths reached by the Imo State Investment Promotion Agency ( ISIPA) in opening the state economy now lies in tatters. Property prices which was on the rise under the Ohakim administration has collapsed. The people asked for bread only for them to get stone.

The intolerance of those at the helms of power in Imo State betray their lack of faith in their own cause. The unrestricted individualism of the people at the top of governance in the present administration has grinded governance and service delivery to a halt. Heaps of rubbish now litter our streets while erosion menace has increased both within our city streets and beyond.

The assumptions underlying many of the programmes and policies of government are at best infantile and childish.

Even our legislature is not helping matters at all. The Imo State House of Assembly has turned into a rubber stamp and lives only a fictitious existence. As an institution, the House has traded it’s independence and failed to maintain an independent critical attitude towards the government, and act as a brake on the autocratic tendencies of government knowing fully well that without her oversight functions, democracy dies and also, the people’s intellect, culture and public morality stagnates.

Every project of the Ohakim government has been renamed. Today the security apparatus which Ohakim called Operation Festival is renamed Operation Rescue Imo. But the Ohakim objective is still the issue. The Imo Wonder Lake is now renamed Imo Blue Lake of Treasure. The Imo job centre and finishing school is now given a new name. Yet we are meant to believe by the same government that Ohakim achieved nothing. What a contradiction. This is why the arrival back in Imo State by Ohakim was accorded a regal reception judging by the warmth, cordiality and affection displayed by Imo people. He returned with his integrity intact, and has not stepped down from his role of a visioner. His arrival now represents the liberation of the Imo spirit from the clutches of voodism.

The buccaneers and merchants of commerce who came from our neighbouring states to wage war against Imo people and who stole our state and deposited it into the hungry laps of their new emperor in Imo State must realise that Imo State cannot be torn apart like their own state which they have destroyed. Imo State is not for sale to the highest bidders from other states. For us as Imo people, we have turned into watchmen who stay awake in protection of our heritage and destiny. And we say never again shall our commonwealth be stolen from us.

 Writer, Ugochukwu is the president of, Great Nigeria Foundation (GNF), Abuja

 MODERATORS NOTE: Mr. Ugochukwu’s article is thought provoking. We reject and bind any confusion that will mastermind this inevitable doom  the writer forsees.  The writings are on the wall. Which way our Fatherland? We want to know.

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