Imo Supreme Court Review lacks merit – Jeff Uzor

After carefully reading the entire 48 page motion as filed with the Supreme Court of Nigeria, praying that the apex court declare as nullity its judgement that declared Hope Uzodimma the winner of Imo gubernatorial elections of March 9, 2019, below are my opinions.

My position is based purely on facts and not sentiments. I had told Ihedioha’s supporters that his undoing was the INEC and his Counsel. Even with the motion for review they filed, while quoting the reason for judgement in Adegoke Motors vs Adesanya by Supreme Court Justice C. Oputa, they wrote “it is far better to admit an error than to preserve an error” whereas the correct quote is “it is far better to admit an error than to persevere in error”. I bet you his Counsel did not tell him reasons why Supreme Court may decide to review and or revise itself, they didn’t.

Let me put it in layman’s terms, the Supreme Court, may not review a case when the judgement are unanimous. That is usually the first rule. They will not accept to review his case on the basis of these motions he filed, because if they do, they will by this singular action have to resolve several layers of complex legal matters which may involve questions of electoral law and that is a no no. To say this in other terms, the grounds for which the review is being sought are not good grounds. As the apex court of the land, his motion thus seeks to challenge the factual reasons of the judges and also evaluate if they properly applied settled matter.

Granting a review on the grounds of the motion as filed by his Counsel will be akin to deciding whether an armed robber is actually innocent and if the courts were biased in interpreting the law.

The motion as filed will not be accepted for review because it lacks merit. I will expect the supreme court of Nigeria in not too distant time to issue a “Denial for Request”.

Jeff Uzor

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