Imolites react to Gov.Ikedi Ohakim Ministerial plea seeking Oil and Gas Ministry, to name a few.

It appears Gov.Ikedi Ohakim has a lot of appeasing to do before he leaves office. Imolites must be very bitter towards him as they seem hell bent on knocking his job. I cant shout! Where did we summon this boldness from  biko nu? LOL!

The remarks below are some commentaries from Citizens in diaspora in response to Gov.Ohakim‘s Ministerial request to  Presido. He actually HAD THE _________ to specify three areas he wanted to be considered for. The Oil & Gas Ministry was one of them. NO COMMENT.

Beloved Mr. President Sir, we leave this  at Your Excellency’s discretion. Our “Democracy” no reach that side. If you say Yes, who can say No?


-Ohakim’s beggarly memo, incoherent and lacking in decorum, is pathetic.

-I hope this is a joke,he wants to be petroleum minister! Gosh!!!

– If Ikedi Ohakim were this intelligent, then why does the average Imo citizen not speak good of him? Again,i think the crux of his letter is that he is trying to remain relevant in the politics of Nigeria by indirectly lobbying for a Federal Appointment.
Ikedi, were ya nwayo o
-When Prof Akunyili resigned, I advised her to go back to Nsukka and teach for a year before stepping back into public light again. Of course, she ignored me and the rest is history. If Ikedi Ohakim is intelligent – yes I can use the phrase – he should go to Imo State University and teach for a year or take some classes. STUPID!

-Who will make him minister? I told people prior to the 2011 Governorship elections that this “Ikedi Ohakim” of a person is finished politically, now events has proven me right.His predicament began since ever he dealt ruthlessly with a Catholic priest in Imo, as well as locking up Concorde Hotel Owerri, thereby forcing the Igbo Elders to stay under the scorching sun! I knew that his days are numbered! My candid advice to him, is for him to make choice of where he would love to live once he hands over, Because After May 29, he will have his forwarding address at one of the Prisons in Nigeria.

-Lol,this guy man,419 has no formular,that memo is a 419 memo,but help me tell that nigga, that he can not eat his cake and ve it,if I were a member of bot of pdp,I will tell the board to dsimiss him from the party,because pdp has lost its pride in imo state,till further notice,because of the so called ohakim.this man.has sinned against God and humanity.infact he better go to exile before his tenure will finish,because the youths he collected their money in the name of giving them a job will lynch him first before Efcc carry him, for him to esplain how he squash imo state treasure.

-Whether it is from him or not, he has made himself a laughing stalk. It is now a matter to the whims…. Talk of the proverbial insect-infested faggots and the lizard. Poor and pitiful Ohakim!

-Would GEJ know any better? Is this not what politics means to all of them?

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