IMSG begins exercise to keep Owerri clean and beautiful again.

Douglas-AmajekeThe Imo State Government wishes to reiterate its resolve to ensure that Owerri, the state capital and its environs are brought back to the fast lane of cleanliness and orderliness, and would want to appeal once more for understanding on the part of the good people of the state.

It has never been in the character of the state government to inconvenience any citizen of the state for any reason. And some people had capitalized on that soft spot of the government to invade the state capital and environs with a lot of disturbing structures and defiling all the pervious steps the government had taken to ensure that the sanitary condition of the state remains outstanding.

It has been very disturbing that before now, people had chosen to display their goods and sell on a major road like Douglas Road, than to move to Relief Market where they were given shops free of any charge.


In the course of pulling down some batchers and shanties, the government made some unbelievable and disturbing discoveries that would rather be seen than told.

It is important to emphasize that the government is destroying the shanties or batchers and removing illegal parks and dealing with street trading, in the overall interest of the state and her people.

The government humbly and sincerely appeals for understanding on the part of Imo people. At the end of the exercise, every Imo man or woman would have every reason to be happy.

And for those who had been affected by the on-going exercise, they should please be patriotic enough and appreciate what the government is doing at the moment. We regret the inconveniences they must have encountered and we pray that the good Lord will see them through, and also enable them appreciate the good intentions of the government for undertaking the exercise in question.

May God bless all Imo people both at home and in diaspora.

Sam Onwuemeodo
Chief Press Secretary to the Governor.



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