IMSG fires back at Senator Ifeanyi Araraume over “loose talk”.

imsgWe have read about senator Ifeanyi Ararume’s media interview in which he described the Government of Governor Rochas Okorocha as fraudulent, among other unfortunate comments he made about the governor and his government.

As a government, we would have ignored the media attack and face more serious tasks before the government, but because the attacks came from a two-term former senator and two-time governorship candidate in the state, his accusation should be seen as serious and, we have done so and would like to react to that.

First and foremost, it is important to let all the governorship aspirants in the state know that it is no longer fashionable to attack governor Okorocha in the media to gain relevance or attention over prominence, because Imo people know the truth.  What is fashionable at the moment is admitting that Rochas has done wonderfully well in less than three years as a governor and should be commended by patriotic Imo sons and daughters.

Again, for a two term former senator and two-time governorship candidate to lable a government or a governor that has not been indicted by any court or commission or agency calls for concern and could even make one to begin to feel disappointed.  Even when the distinguished senator is aware that a fraudulent government could not have achieved all that the Okorocha’s government has achieved to its credit.

Senator Ararume should have left such sentimental comments that have no basis for new comers into politics or for those who are bereaved of ideas on what leadership or governance is all about.

What senator ararume and other aspirants for the 2015 guber poll in the state should do or should begin to do is tell to Imo people their programmes for them, or what the governments before in the state had done better than that of Rochas Okorocha, and not to begin to throw stones or crying wolf where none exists.

For almost all the aspirants to be talking about Rochas and what they think he has not done well only shows that the man Rochas or his administration has become hard nut to crack by the aspirants in 2015.

There is one popular saying that if you cannot beat them, you join them. This is what is expected of the governorship aspirants in the state to do now.  They know they cannot beat Rochas, and they have no option than to join him instead of coming up with allegations they know that are neither here nor there.

Governor Okorocha or his government is not fraudulent.  Senator Ararume knows that, but had to say what he said because he thought, like other aspirants that doing so would reduce the popularity of Governor okorocha and his government in the state.  Unfortunately for them, Imo people know better, and there is nothing anybody can do about that.

Sam Onwuemeodo

SSA Media to the governor.



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