IMSG unveils new Government House plate numbers.

The Imo State Governor, Owelle Rochas Okorocha has unveiled new Government House Plate numbers.
Showing samples of the plate number to different security agencies in the state, Governor Okorocha said it will go a long way to bring sanity in the use of government number plates and check the indiscriminate and illegal use of the facility.

“We have introduced a new government house plate number and these plate numbers will only be for those who are entitled to it legally and by reason, all previous old plate numbers are no longer legal and anyone found with them will be dealt with according to law.”

The governor said that government has decided to check the unlawful use of tinted glasses in vehicles of unauthorized persons, pointing out that many people who use tinted glass vehicles use them to convey kidnappers or carry kidnapped victims, “so we advised that anyone with tinted glasses should please remove them.”

Owelle Okorocha frowned at incessant and unauthorized blaring of siren all over the state and condemned a situation where every hilux in the state has siren, pointing out that even the notorious kidnapper named Vampire was also moved about with siren.

“We are doing these to check crime in the state as government is bent on bringing criminal activities to its barest minimum.”

He advised all those who use sirens illegally to dismantle them or their vehicles will be confiscated while the owner would be prosecuted according to law. The governor warned owners of vehicles with unauthorized government plate numbers to remove them to avoid arrest and prosecution as they are now illegal and has been replaced with new ones.

Governor Okorocha disclosed that the new government plate numbers start with figure rather than IMGH. Adding that “as long as you are not a house member or government house official, you are not entitled to use government plate numbers, as they are reserved for serving house members and top government officials.”

The governor stated that government has noticed that the wrong use of Government House numbers has created a lot of problem in the system, adding that, “we agree that once a house member, always a house member, but not with expired or illegal plate numbers.”



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