IMSU RELOCATION: Amusing dance of the Deads.

  The last may not have been heard on the imbroglio relating to the planned relocation of Imo State University to Ideato Local Government of Imo State. The Lilliputian and lily-livered politicians that had previously lost their voice, which was the only weapon left to them since they lost their balls long time ago are regaining consciousness with a budding irrationality. The debate has, however, begun to attract a review or possibly a revaluation of the deeds of some feather weight politicians.



The rogue groups are springing up at the behest of some disgruntled elements who would want to have the world at their feet. Some of these people were on the threshold of political oblivion. Today, there chances of being heard have sprung from a very cheap and irrational course. I was taking aback by the some people like Iwuala, the all knowing chap who will always play to the gallery. Sorry, I am not saying that this man is not good in the things he does but just that I always appreciate his story line that leads to no where. To make his case even worse, I discover that Iwuala approaches issues especially when it concerns the present Government; he behaves as though he is frustrated. I would advise that he should always be in control of his temperament. I believe with that he would have learnt that at issue is not invoking curses and abuses at the personae dramatis but attacking the issue as rational as possible. Further advice, I admire Iwuala for his seeming objectivity in rare cases but if properly dissected, one would discover a consciously made effort to still appear an angel to those who believe in evaluation by face value.



Come to think of it, where is Ideato? What is the place of Ideato in Imo State? What is Ideato known for in Orlu Zone? For me, Ideato is that Local Government with avalanched of self made indigenes that have sacrificed more than their contemporaries from other Zones but have nothing to show for it. If you doubt me, visit peoples Democratic Party and ask to know the contributions of illustrious sons of Ideato. I am sure that you will marvel at the level to which People have continued to deceive people. If I am wrong, can somebody reveal any Government presence in that area whether Federal or State? I would not say more than this for now.



Looking at Politics from the purview of Public Policy, it will definitely make sense for the like of Senator Chris Anyanwu, whom I hold in high esteem, Barr. Uche Osuji and his Chairman coming under the aegis of Odinma Owerri, Chief Nwoga and of course my good friend Iwuala and the rest to actually do the analyses properly and evaluate the pros and cons of the present Government steps before jumping into conclusion hastily. Suffice it to say that beyond doubt, we are at liberty to not just by mere words of mouth, but by law to give our opinion on issues we feel that affect us directly or indirectly. It is our inalienable right to so do. Hence, I rather will say that Imo State is indeed the cradle of Nigeria’s Democracy. While Democracy may be the best form of Government, it is certainly the most dangerous form of government that brings about foot dragging in most things due to the fact that there is, traditionally, room for people to air their views and say their mind however sublime or ridiculous.


Governor Okorocha is one of the few leaders who seem to be so detached from the realities of Nepotism, Favoritism or tribalism. We can all testify to that. He has demonstrated his love for the people by pruning off every other thing to reflect an even interest in the development of Imo State and not a section of Imo State.


Coming to the arguments being advanced by the Anti Imo State University Relocation; one that the law establishing the State University in question labeled it a multi-campus status. Two, some of these AIMSUR argue that for equitable development of Imo State, Imo State University should remain where it is or better still be moved to Ogbaku or Mbaise-Ngor-Okpala axis. Another sentimental one by fingering Okigwe Zone as the most marginalized. To say the least, our brothers from Owerri Zone are also crying fowl against Governor Okorocha’s attempt to relocate the University to Ideato. In fairness, these handfuls worthy representatives of Owerri Zone deserve some applause for sticking out their neck to die for their people. I described these antics of the opposition as purely selfish, deceitful and sheerly a wicked war been fueled by undercover State parasitic elements who had gone into a Faustian agreement with their immoral and inconsiderate agents for the sole aim of causing disaffection in the polity creating room for their Nicodemus entrance for their wicked acts.


In the first place, none of these talibans have bothered to mention the Governor’s overdoes investments in Owerri Zone and his poise to make Owerri Zone a sought after city all over the world. I stand to be corrected; even a fool would decipher the discordant tunes from these mis-representatives of Owerri Zone. Among all these cannon fodders who claim to be fighting for the people of Owerri, shall we open up their cupboards? How much sacrifices have they made for the good of their people? A little inquest will reveal a can of worms. This is the time to buy a cheap mask for their rotten faces. Beyond every doubt, Governor Okorocha has shown how to be a patriotic leader. Concorde is in Owerri Zone. This heritage from Late Sir Onunaka Mbakwe abandoned dilapidated and was almost in ruin; it became another conduit pipe for sleaze; Governor Okorocha came and what happened? One Owerri daughter was unjustly treated and for reason of justice, she was giving her face back through a viable platform, what do we get? Rebellion! Where is the location of heroes square? Where is the biggest pack being built in Imo State? Can somebody tell me who had the political will in all sincerity to upgrade Imo Airport to the new status of International Cargo Airport?


Coming to tertiary institutions, how many of them can we find in Owerri Zone. Today politics of Federal Government and State ownership of these institutions are being played. Nobody has bothered to own up that the locations of these institutions matter despite the ownership. The spill over effects of the establishment of these institutions affects mostly the people whose land it is. We have Institutions of Higher learning like Federal University of Technology, Owerri, Alvan Ikoku Federal College of Education, Owerri and Federal College of Land Resources Technology, Owerri. Looking at other schools of choice even at the Secondary level, where can we find them if not in Owerri Zone. In Owerri, we have Imo College of Advanced Studies, a professional College with all the expertise gathered from all over the world, courtesy of Governor Okorocha. At present, even before the take-off the institution, over four thousand Students had already sent in their applications for admissions.


Diagnosing where the steam is supposedly coming from and possibly the ambushers of Okorocha from Mbaise axis, it is pertinent to mention here that Imo Airport is located between Mbaise and Ngor-Okpala. Today, that Airport which we all contributed for its construction is being upgraded to International Standard as a Cargo Airport. Of course, work has begun in earnest. This same Governor that is less than a year in office is concerned about your Roads and developing one of the new Cities in Ahiara. This same Governor like he did to oil communities is calling for a stake holder meeting for development Ngor-Okpala from its backwardness. That is the vision of a true leader.


Today, the State Government has embarked on dualisation of Owerri- Aba Road, Owerri-Orlu Road, Okigwe Zone is receiving attentions like never before. What are we talking about? The General Hospital at Umuguma is being upgraded to a Specialist Hospital. A contract of over five hundred million naira has been awarded to build a State-of-the-art Diagnostic center in the same Owerri Zone. Abadaba lake in Obowu is being remembered. Though Okigwe Zone, its affinity with Mbaise and proximity would also have its positive effect in Owerri Zone.


Meanwhile, looking at law, as people like Barr. Osuji would want to bamboozle us with, in Jurisprudence, admittedly, some laws are dead and are clog in the wheel of progress. When one finds himself in such quagmire, what does he do? You ask for a change. And change is the only constant thing in life. Change is not easy as well to effect. The British father of conservatism, Edmund Burke, was never averse to change but was against changing what is good. A dead law must be repealed. We have developed thick skin for those who will always cry wolf where there is none.


As aforementioned, the fighters against Relocation of Imo State University are haters of the people. They want indolence and churning out of half baked graduates sustained in Imo State. The AIMSUR are the owners of the hostels around the present location of IMSU and would want to continue in fleecing the poor people of their little means through the exorbitant rents slammed on the Students. Fighters of IMSU relocation are sponsors and supporters of prostitution because they are the owners of most brothels in this State where supposedly leaders are of tomorrow are turned sexual tools in the hands of these wicked people who claim to be defenders of Owerri Zone. The AIMSUR are of the old order who would not subscribe for any positive change as such would definitely be counter productive to them. Have we wondered a school of higher learning meant for intellectual development located in the middle of distractions, then why complain of poor quality of Education?


Most of these talking drums of Owerri Zone were happier when impunity held sway in this State. They so much reaped from impunity and today they have become crusaders of equity and fairness when actually they are the amusing elements in the amusement park of destruction we thought had been confined to the thrash bin of history. Ndi Owerri Zone, rise to the challenge and say no to them. Tell them to account for their stewardship when they had the opportunity to build Universities for them. Ask them your share of the budget from both the State and Federal Governments. By the time they are asked to be accountable, we would have discovered the activism enmeshed in subterfuge. I call on every Imolites of conscience to say no to these architects of divide and rule. Enough is enough.


Written by: Uche Ogbonnaya. He can be reached on / 0802 320 0480



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