In defence of Chief Uche Njoku: The mayor had a good vision for Owerri zone.

Last week, the Imo State government announced the sack of Uche Njoku who was the  SSA to Governor Okorocha on Mayoral AffairsOwerri Zone. While many believe his sack was well deserved, one voice is speaking out.  Please read.


I strongly believe that imo state people are one of the most educated in the south east and foranybody to decieve them, they have to work extra hard to do that.I have read with a lot of interest at all the stories about the mayor.

Let me ask this simple question; what is due process in awarding a contract? I was among those who did this city gate contract and I got to know about it on the daily and I went to verify, confirm and register. Most people who are talking don’t know that these city gates have been completed in some of zones why not Owerri?

The mayor of Owerri is one of the Governor’s foot generals and he knows what the mayor can achieve even without anything and to put the  record straight the mayor didn’t receive a 100million from the government. A man with such intelligence should be allowed and surpported to develop owerri for Owerri people because an Owerri man knows class and wants it.

 The Governor should even be happy that the poor of the poorest benefited from  this little cite gate project that would have improved his government’s profile. The mayor had good vision for owerri zone, The governor should be careful not to kill his own foot solders before the war begins. The mayor should be encouraged to finish his good jobs because those works are western standard. A man who travelled far knows the best.




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